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The Author is Engineer by profession and currently serving as a Network Maintenance Engineer for Bharti Airtel Limited. Can Be Reached At harisdainposh12@gmail.com

Narcotic Drugs A ‘Slack Massacre’

Narcotic Drugs A ‘Slack Massacre’

After spending couple of years in one of the most alluringdistrict of the valley, known for itsravishing, sooty, dense forests (Kupwara), It remble out to see the dark postern of our future. Behind a vibrantcolourfulveil of the nature, a dark venintoxoidisslaughtering our future leisurely. To build up a potent community, a state or a nation, […]


Reform A Society! How And Why

Time goes on, society is changing. The modern technology is on the rise, on the other hand, the younger generation is deteriorating day by day. You and I, including the media, are responsible for this mess. We do not take any practical steps for the betterment of the society. We are the best judge for […]