After 27 years J&K will have no representation in Rajya Sabha

After 27 years J&K will have no representation in Rajya Sabha


During current budget session term of 4 Rajya Sabha members from J&K will expire

Srinagar, Jan 31: With the expiration of the term of four members from Jammu and Kashmir in the Rajya Sabha during the current budget session, J&K will have no representation in the Rajya Sabha after 27 years.

News agency KNS has learnt from sources that the term of 4 Rajya Sabha members belonging to Jammu and Kashmir is coming to an end during the current budget session and the appointment of new members is done only by voting of Assembly members.

In Kashmir, the Assembly has been dissolved and no notification has been issued by the Central Government regarding holding of Assembly elections.

Political observers believe that after the expiration of the term of Rajya Sabha members in the Rajya Sabha, representation of Jammu and Kashmir will end.

According to experts, such a situation will occur after 27 years when Jammu and Kashmir will not be represented in the Rajya Sabha and in this regard it will be inevitable for the Central Government to hold Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

Political observers further say that when the situation in Jammu and Kashmir deteriorated in 1989 and militancy began, then the state of Jammu and Kashmir was governed by the then Governor’s Rule which was implemented in 1989.

“From 1996 to 1996 in the Rajya Sabha The term of 4 members representing Mir was to expire in 1992 and 1994 and due to the imposition of Governor’s Rule in Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir was not represented in Parliament from April 1994 to October 1996 and today, after 27 years, the similar situation has arisen where the term of opposition leaders including Ghulam Nabi Azad and Fayyaz Ahmed Mir in Rajya Sabha on February 10, 2021 and the term of Nazir Ahmed Laway of PDP and Shamshir Singh Manhas of BJP is coming to an end on February 15, 2021.”

Opposition parties have also started pressurising the central government on the issue of holding immediate assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir and restoring the status of J&K from UT to the state.

Meanwhile, the main opposition parties have passed a bill to restore the status of Jammu and Kashmir.

The issue of bringing it in Parliament has posed a new challenge to the central government.

Sources said that due to the absence of Assembly members in Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir’s representation in the country’s largest platform will be suspended until the next Assembly elections. (KNS)


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