Youth And Nation

Youth And Nation

Students /youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, says Subash Chander Bose The progress of nation doesn’t lie in her economic resources but it mainly consists in her educated and enlightened youths, maintain Swami Vivek Nanda. What a beautiful dreams and expectations had our political and spiritual stalwarts nourished in her eyes?  what thoughts they had about the young blood of this country Alas! Our young and energetic minds has never peeped in to the history of nation and never bothered to conserve the cultural heritage, political and diplomatic chastity and intellectual matchlessness.

Why has a young boy of our country forgotten that Gandhi was 26Only when he stood up against the BRITISH Imperialism Maulana Azad was just 28 when he opened his mouth against then the mightiest Britishers ,Tabinder Nath Tagore was also early mid-twenties when the moved  his   pen ,mightier than any sword of the world , Nehru was also quite young who like a mature statesman, diplomat and true freedom fighter? similarly almost all the great souls were no more than 30 yr of age when they flexed there muscles against the English power in India.

BUT NOW a day’s our young generation has lost its moorings. This has resulted in rowdy strikes in the colleges and universities, The general spirit of indiscipline and dissatisfaction. youngsters, instead of having a positive attitude and hopes in their hearts are seen burning buses and cars, breaking window panes of assembly halls and setting fire to public property.

The modern age is the age of revolt and rebellion. we must tech responsibility and goal setting. I fear if we do not do so well in time, we will soon be supporting an entire generation san all direction and purpose. Things have to change with SCHOOLS, with older generation being good role MODELS, with the older generation being mentors, and with the youth who are right doing nothing.


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