Women Empowerment and Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) objective

Women Empowerment and Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) objective

She walks through the streets with her head bowed covered from head to toe, scarf pinned tight in the sweltering heat, people say she is oppressed, what do these ignorant people know, this is “Kohinoor” which is covered an example of modesty, a cover of true beauty.

Is empowerment and dominance are intertwined? Is men are dominant over women?

We hear from many women that MUHAMMAD (PBUH) has empowered men instead of women, is it true or it is unawareness, what is it you have to decide, but only by reading the words of MOHAMMAD(PBUH) . Women has to cover herself from head to toe, is this suppression / violation of her right or something else.  is men superior and women is inferior. What these are have a look on it.

Messenger of Allah had said “Whosoever brings up two daughters, he and I will arrive alongside in the Day of Judgment. Reference to the role of men and women together with their rights and empowerments are detailed in the Qur’an and in the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh).

Allah subhanallah watallah and The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that women have a birth right in their father’s property. And shares in her husband’s property after marriage, there is mentioned a clear line of equality on this sphere.

Allah says in Quran that, you are their garments and they are yours, men and women are each other’s garments. By this verse it is clear that neither a men is superior nor a women is inferior. Prophet Mohammad says educate your children’s, he never says educate your male child only. Mohammad says When a baby girl is born, she brings blessings to her parents. Massenger of Allah abolished the inhumane custom that was practised before Prophets Era. In other religions divorce was unknown, a women was suppressed to stay in, whatsoever situation would be, but Prophet introduce “KHULA” (khula under Muslim law means a form of divorce initiated by wife). In India to nullified the marital status an act of 1955 was introduced, before that period women was oppressed to continue a married life. Under Muslim law, marriage can be dissolved or annulled by women(which was  introduced by our beloved prophet Muhammad 1440 years ago).

A women has a birthright from her father’s  property and a share from her husband’s property after marriage. A women has right of maintenance from her husband ,if her husband Denys she can suite her husband under muslim law in a court of law. It is obligatory for a father/husband to maintain  his household activities, not for women. So ,it is easy to analyse that wheather a man is dominant or it is something else. As i questioned above ,does men are dominant or not .

As a student of law and public administration i want to  give my view point here which i have studied , dominance and authority are two different forms, and here it is authority not dominance. Authority is directly proportional to responsibility, more responsibility possesses more authority , father or husband has more responsibility towards his mother or wife , but we can’t relate authority as dominance.

Thus men are responsible and whosoever is responsible for anything, if he refuses, we can bring him before the court of law(under Shari’ah ) for an order of recompense, and the law related to this was given by our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Muslim law’s primary source  is Devine law that was revealed on our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh and secondary source is directly our Prophet Muhammad pbuh. The other sources like ijma and qiyas are  like summaries of Hadiths .

With conclusion i want to say that the world is full with shit’s ,if you think for adjustment then you are loosing your real identity. Be a reader, analyser and true follower. And stay away from shit’s.


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