Woman Power: First Female Image Consultant of Valley Ms Hizib Zargar

Woman Power: First Female Image Consultant of Valley Ms Hizib Zargar

In an exclusive interview with Kashmir Glacier Team, Ms Hizib Zargar speaks up about her Professional Endeavour, as the First Female Image Consultant of Kashmir

We have someone with us who is first female Image Consultant of the valley, a speaker, a social activist and soon to be an author Hizib Zargar.

Tell us something about you, Ms Hizib Zargar

I am a person who helps other person to overcome their fears and worries before an eye can blink. I am Founder and CEO of Uslub. A door for Image.

How would you describe what you do?

I am an Image Consultant, personal mentor and a life councillor, where I help people in enhancing their communication skills, personality development, grooming, and boosting their self-confidence and self-belief. So basically I assist one in developing a visual card improving their client’s image to the outside world. Helping people has been my passion so I created my own path where people reach out and I help them with my experiences.

How did you get started?

I had always interacted with lot of people; I learned much and was quite fortunate by having my background in Business Administration. I just like people, I like talking to people, a quite good listener too. I took that seriously and had chosen subjects specifically involving people for my Masters in Business Administration. Human resource Management and Leadership subjects still top my list. I didn’t stop here I further went on more with people and even completed my Masters in Public Administration. This learning process is still continuous and I guess never ending. I took my studies into my day to day routine work. I let people ask what challenges they facing, what the need?  For me everybody comes first, that’s just who I am.

What is the difference between a stylist and a look consultant?

Being an Image Consultant duties are much broader, I have to involve in research of the personality, bringing all the aspects together such as the portfolio, background, past history, everything related to the look and behavior.  A stylist helps to bring and chose what would best suit a client and look appropriate.

How are you compensated?

It varies how many clients are engaged for corporate trainings, hospitality trainings or even when I go for individual sessions. Due to pandemic going on my fee for students is very less, I charge 500/ session while for others its 1000/session. As mine is a start-up and I had to set up a registered office, marketing, networking and doing all the things which are important for any type of business. I am lucky enough that my parents and one friend Shahid Bhat has helped me so far.

What is the most challenging about what you do?

One of the biggest challenges is to make people aware why this is important, why ethics, manners, and your image most importantly ‘YOU’ are important for this world.

What skills, education, schooling are needed to do this.

Your experiences create passion, that’s what it did with me. You need to have empathy for the kind of work I do. How to deal with people is the major key. My communication style is, sit back with pen and paper and listen as much as they want to tell me and help flourish them.

How has your attention to details made a positive impact on a client’s image?

It’s lovely, to hear them how they are receiving compliments about their new enhanced image. By Allah’s mercy! I know with all the success stories I am blessed with so far I have made a difference for my clients, the smiling and that enhanced behaviour is worth more than platinum. I have compiled my work in a website www.uslub.org it’s very transparent and true for what is stands for.

Why you choose Kashmir? Why not anywhere else where this business is boom?

I am very much rooted to my place; I belong to a lineage that has done something for others in one way or the other. They had been into counselling, advising and supporting others. How can I not have such traces? No matter where we are right now, I am not going to leave my place. Everyone deserves a life which has meaning to it, has something to offer. I have seen and compared my place to all other countries I have been to. I have a dream if not everything at least something definitely for the youth, and I am doing my part.

Tell us something about your first book?

This book is about my adventurous journey of being a first female Image Consultant in the valley. How it is setting a professional environment, the challenges, the consequences around in a place where there is no world for it.  It would also give an inspiring insight on all the aspects and phases of life.


Interview By:

Jahangeer Ganaie

Raja Syed Rather


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