We don’t know who should be blamed for our failures & hurdles?

We don’t know who should be blamed for our failures & hurdles?

As you all must have heard that failure leads to success, it leads to experience, patience & of course knowledge however, is it something that “GOD” has destined for us? Or is it something that has been decided by some people for us? Or it is beyond the man’s hard work & all the efforts he/she can put in? We never succeed in our goals despite working hard throughout the whole year, there are always hurdles in our ways, why? There are no outcomes as well, who is responsible for the failures we have been facing? Should we blame government/Administration or our fate? An educated & talented youth of any country/state is always its backbone, an asset for its economic development, seeds for its bright future & a possible change in many ways however, they have taken us & our mid night oil for granted as we do not belong to human race, we have been exploited financially, mentally & physically by every government & state commission till date, there is no definite & proper strategy for the betterment of country/state & in particular for the youth. After every Lok Sabha & assembly elections we always expect an honest, dedicated, focused & a transparent government, who could listen us carefully, who could understand our needs & difficulties we face every time in every field.

It’s very disappointing to see how they are playing with our sentiments, how they are playing with our lives, future & don’t even bother to take any effective initiative for our concerns, I personally wonder that how they collect huge amount of money from the unemployed youth in the name of employment, recently we appeared in various state government exams especially, in JK-Bank for the posts of PO/BA & it has been a year now however, results are still awaited, why? Because of absence of internet? Huh, a lame excuse, if they were even a bit concerned about the situation or our future, they would have revealed it months ago through print media as they used to do earlier till 90’s, It was the only exam for which students across the erstwhile state had really sacrificed many things & even have had left their private jobs in order to prepare themselves for the exam, aspirants had enrolled themselves in coaching classes too, invested there a huge amount with time however, all in vein. Some left their jobs while keeping in mind that they will get the job they deserve, some invested their hard earned money while keeping in mind that they will earn it back later thus, government ruined many lives & left more people unemployed. Is this any way of recruiting people? Where they keep us hanging for years? Need of an hour was only sacking chairman that too within days & our investment, inputs, sacrifices & all the other things we could do for this exam are going to take decades probably, apart from this exam we have filled up many other forms too in various departments, be it JKSSB, JKPSC or JKBOSE don’t know whether they will even conduct the exams for which we have paid them. We neither get any type of amount on monthly bases from the government as our maintenance, nor they are interested in filling up the thousands of posts which have been lying vacant since years, what they literally want us to do after PG/PhD? Firstly, we devote our 27-28 years of life in educating ourselves so that we can get a good opportunity in future however, it takes us decades to get an opportunity in government sector & unfortunately after 32years of our age we are useless,

Our hard work of more than two decades doesn’t make any sense, is it something like that we should leave the state/country & do some odd jobs in other countries? How many more years it’s going to take them to stop this “Brain-drain”? What is the fun of “Right to education” when they are not supposed to provide us a job in future for surviving?  Now, apart from all these miseries which are kind of we are used to since ages, being a civil services aspirant from (Jammu Kashmir) & in particular from valley I have been facing instant failures & hurdles from last five years in many ways however, I still manage to an extent to be focused on my goal somehow & I am not the only aspirant who is facing all this, there are thousands of aspirants too, some of them are either flying away to full fill their dreams & some of them are preparing themselves for unexpected tomorrows. It’s not possible for us even not for anyone to prepare for competitive exams without internet, as internet is backbone of every exam be it competitive or academics, despite knowing it they have snapped such privilege as well from our lives & have left us fully on the mercy of Almighty, they want us to participate in every field, want us to do something for our state/country however, at the same time they snatch every medium of preparation, through which we can prepare ourselves for the name & development of nation, feeling absolutely pity for our future endeavours & it really scares me being a stubborn dreamer of something which is not possible to see while living in this “system” where you are being treated as an ATM only, in the name of employment.

Well, the way organised sectors have turned our veins cold for them, unorganised sectors are more exploitative in nature, they always expect & seek an experienced person or he/she should have habitual kind of holdover “English Language” which is not fair at all & as a language it has nothing to do with many fields be it social work or technical, they also create unnecessary hurdles in our ways unfortunately. Apart from decades old unrest in valley which has depressed us (Kashmiri students) in particular, unemployment is the second most reason for anxiety & depression among youth.


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