Things Responsible For Spinsterhood In Kashmir Valley

Things Responsible For Spinsterhood In Kashmir Valley

The word spinster means either men or women when they remain unmarried after reaching marriageable age, but it is used more for women as they are suffering from this problem.

Following are the things which are responsible for spinsterhood;

Demanding too high a mahr, excessive dowries and the inability of young men to bear the expenses of marriage.  Most dangerous and greatest cause of spinsterhood is dowry some people are so greedy that they demand a dowry that a person of a middle social class would be unable to collect even if he spent his whole property.

Girls refusing to marry early on the grounds that they want to complete their education. This is an excuse shared between the father and the daughter, or it might either be the request of the father while the girl does not want to do so, or the request of the girl herself to secure her future, as they claim, or due to her love for a career and social status while the parents approve of this. In both cases the result is the girl grows older, finds no suitors and remains a spinster at home.

Girls refusing to get married to a man who already has a wife.

Difficult conditions imposed by the wife’s family or the husband’s.

Hope we get rid of these things in future. May Allah guide us in a straight Path verily.


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