Post of Lecturers may not Remain Vacant Even for Single day

Post of Lecturers may not Remain Vacant Even for Single day

During the year 2019 our students reading in different higher Secondary Schools situated in far-flung areas suffered a lot due to the reasons that Lecturers working on Academic arrangements were disengaged and these innocent students remained without Lecturers up to the end of Academic session in both summer and winter zones.

There after lock down was imposed all of a sudden due to spread of pandemic disease COVID-19 and Schools were closed. No doubt online classes were started but facility of Anderiod phone was not available with all the students as their parents belong BPL category who live from hand to mouth only. Online classes were arranged in different higher secondary Schools and online Lecturers were delivered in such subjects only in which Lecturers were available in different higher secondary Schools. In this way even those student  had failed to learn such subjects in which lecturers were not available despite the fact that such students were having Anderiod phone facility.

In our union territory of Jammu and Kashmir a large number of post of Lecturers have been filled up during the year 2019 but still posts of Lecturers especially in Science related subjects in various Higher Secondary Schools falling in rural and far-flung are vacant and in the interest of young learners  these post are required to be filled up soon after the schools will resume full time functioning after the prevailing situation which is because of Covid-19 Or after winter vacations in winter zone areas so that studies of the students may not be affected for want of Lecturers.Pertinent to mention here that some such students have been studying in these School who are sufficient intelligent and have fixed their aim to achieve the posts like IAS/KAS. Doctor, Engineer, Assistant professor, Lecturer or teacher or similarly other posts sanctioned for other Govt. Departments but they will not be able to achieve such beautiful goals if quality Education will not be imparted to these students. So it is necessary that all the posts of Lecturers lying vacant may be filled up in the interest of these students and their poor parents.

Prior to 2018 lecturers engaged on academic arrangements were available in different Hr.Sec.Schools throughout the academic session and thus studies of students did not ruin and students did not suffer. But during the Academic session 2018-19 and 2019-20 there had been short fall of Lecturers in different Higher Secondary Schools of District Rajouri in general and far flung areas of Koteranka- Budhal and other areas of UT of Jammu and Kashmir in particular   as a result of which studies of students had  been ruined and their bright career had  affected badly.

Students reading in 11th/12th are threshold of their career when they built their strong foundation/base required for pursuing higher studies. It is such a stage in the career of students when they enhance their ability, efficiency and competency required for achieving beautiful goals fixed for them by their parents. Moreover 11th/12th is such a stage in the careers of the students where they take final decision about their future careers. Thus sufficient lecturers are required to be provided to the students at this stage enabling them to take some excellent/beautiful decision about their future careers which will be in the best interest of Nation because when Lecturers will be available in all the higher Secondary Schools then they will teach the students who in turn will get a chance of enhancing their learning level ,efficiency, capacity and capability.

In order to harness full potential of the students in order to equip them to contribute for the National development it is mandatory  that sufficient Lecturers shall be posted in all the Higher Secondary Schools of Union Territory of  Jammu and Kashmir throughout the Academic Session.

The reason for projecting the demand for framing some appropriate rules for  filling up post of Lecturers in such a manner so that posts may not remain vacant  for even a single day is evident from the fact that   since 50% posts of lecturers are filled up through PSC and (i) recruitment processes  for making selection of lecturers through PSC is lengthy and time consuming (ii) some time processes get delayed due to litigations and ultimately the students will suffer but on the other hands   parents and Educationists are of the opinion that students may not remain in the class/school without lecturers even for a single day in the important subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, English, Maths, Computer Science, IT and IP etc because it not possible for School Administration to make arrangements for teaching these subjects on internal arrangement basis.

Moreover Since students of far-flung areas depend on class room teaching learning for their preparation  for achieving the beautiful goals fixed by them because parents being less educated or illiterate are unable to keep their children busy in their studies before and after School hours.  Moreover parents  being poor are unable to mange extra coaching Or private tution for their children and also un- employed candidates are not available at the local level in all the areas for imparting extra coaching especially in Science related Subjects. Thus  head of the institutions , students, Educationists  and parents   are of the opinion that bright career of the students will be badly affected if they will remain in the class without Lecturer  even for a single day  because without Lecturer they ( students) will not  be able to study properly and   ir-repairable loss will occur to them which will never be coped up and all these students will bear such loss in their bright career till their last breath. Thus their right to quality Education will also be greatly violated and expectations of their poor parents will not be full filled. Now from the aforementioned facts it becomes quite clear that some rules/norms on the analogy of academic arrangements for filling up vacant posts of lecturers in future are urgently required to be framed as may be deemed fit and appropriate by the Govt. in the interest of the students and their poor parents so that during the intervening period (From date of vacancy to the date of filling up of posts through PSC) posts of lecturers may not remain vacant.

The purpose of writing this article is to respectfully apprise Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and worthy Administrative Secretary School Education Department  through the medium of this article by publishing it in this esteemed News paper that  all the vacant posts of lecturers in all the Higher Secondary Schools of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir  may  be filled up at the earliest in the interest of students of these Schools. Moreover  Such rules/norms may also be framed for filling up vacant posts of Lecturers in future   so that posts may not remain vacant even for a single day in the best interest of students  especially the students of far flung areas who belong to poor of the poorest strata of the Society otherwise Head of the institution will not be able to secure requisite percentage of Result in Board classes and bright career of the students will also be ruined.


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