Nun-Kun Glaciers Kargil

Nun-Kun Glaciers Kargil

White snow clad mountain ranged Swift flowing Suru River and cast stretch of agriculture land represent the exotic landscape of suru valley of Kargil Ladakh.

The view long of the sankoo, panikhar Trek is spellbinding the beauty of the upper valley is further enhance by the sheer contrast provide by the towering peak the most frequented climbing area the Nun kun massif comprises several peak chief among them being Nun (7135m) and kun (7087m) kun was the first to be conquered in 1913 by the Indian mountaineer Piacenza while Nun, the highest summit of the massif was first scale by the Swiss Climber Madame Claude Kegan in 1953.

The Massif fall on the Kargil Zanskar road it is approach both from Tangole (70 km) kilometer from Kargil and Gongma Tangole 110 kilometer depending upon the route of ascent allotted by Indian mountaineering foundation. Some approach are also made from parkachik 84 km south of Kargil along the Parkachik Glacier

The approach Gongma Tangole involves crossing the Suru river over a footbridge. The base camp can be reached after a day trek both Gongma Tangole and Tangole.

The Suru valley serves as an important base for trekking to Sankoo and Mulbek Kargil the tourist dress in the attire of the mountaineer and climbing up the rough and rugged mountain of Suru valley.


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