Mohammed Ramzan Wagay: An Archetypal & Epitomic Personality Ever Gone

Mohammed Ramzan Wagay: An Archetypal & Epitomic Personality Ever Gone

A spun out of about 6 feet long, valuable in chassis frame, gracious tenderness and benign breezy in outlook with perspiring stroll man residing from the notable district SHOPIAN village Awaneera has gone in 90s but mesmerising songs of his religious and abidance life are still Soothing and sound whence remembered and eared. The wreathed in smile face subsumes Nose with thick bridge, big imbibed Eyes, thick broiling eyebrows, a good cone shaped bonnet and grafty sweltering cheeks was the friendly strict father of 5 children’s. According to identic occulars Such carcass anatomy was always mileaged with white Religious resplendent “Kameez Shalwar” super Weared by faint White cultural “phearan” with long “Kolor” towards left side. Apart from this, His foots were always booted with cultural and financial weak “Kheahraaw”, That looks like same as CHAPPAL just few differences…

In his life, He has become a widower in early age and then hadn’t bespeaked again. According to Locals, his civil and social life was vigorous and effectual with every single member of community. He has been clerical and sanctimonious with every section of village and adjust populace, as famous due to Regular interaction with them. Apart from this, He has been sheer poor in financial and economic point of view but was Looking like Royal if an unknown peeps at him because he always was used to wear white Religious and cultural “shalwar kameez” super mileaged Faint white “Phearan” of long Kolor, According to locals. They also claimed that, He was always calm and strict about the children discipline and entreaties and was conveying such messages to every guardian for Children nourishment and corpearlity….

According to kinsfolk and germans , He was weekly visitor and dissuasion , and was sweltering little siblings with the Kashmiri based “Daleeels” with modified tunes , make them more happy and wistful then his absence. And was visiting those kins Also, who are far apart in cognation too. According to Them , He was looking Charming and dazzling due to big smile on his face imbibed on the White long body . They also say that, we haven’t seen him ever in the state of anger and frustration , even he faced tenacious hardships in every respect and position particularly within his family. Many of them have revealed that , He used to counsel and satisfy people whence upto they have shrunken faces. All them remembered him with the Name of “”Ramzan Bab”…

According to His Religious life, He is remembered in list of most abidance and Religious personalities in all times . According to locals He has been “Muezzin” of our village for about 20 years and about Friday , He used to take meals early in the morning and then strolled towards masjid , to sweep and clean masjid , to unsullied & unsoil carpets , then deliver loud “Azaan”. According to his cherubs , apart from  5 times and Tahjuud regular congregational Nimaz , he used to pray nimaz e tasbee in Every week without a gap for decades. And also local people said , he was warm and soothing with every face , at every tune of life . Advocated by accolents and surrounders , he used to recite QURAN on one of the windows of his Muddy home for more than 40 years , in loud and catching voice , and they revealed that the recitation was Running more than an hour on regular basis.

While comparing with the other farmers or villagers, it feels everyone that he hasn’t achieved nor gained anything as like others have but while peeping on the other side of life, it seems He is such a Epitomic , Eloquouus,  timeline achiever of those features , which will Royal him judgemental Life . However, he hasn’t been tweeting more land and nourishing materialistic things soulfully but has been colouring his Religious and abidance part very keenly and interestingly. Such a great soul is hardly to find once more, whenever Anyone reveals his story, honestly my heart swells with joy and happiness, Honestly I get inspired.

“He has been famous in this field also, by taking lot “Nun chai”, whenever an oldie admixes with me, He always tells that Your grandfather used to Take ” A samawar of Tea”.


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