Is Private Coaching Inevitable

Is Private Coaching Inevitable

A school education is a place where new ideas germinate it is a unique space which covers the entire universe of knowledge, it is a place where creative and coverage interact with each other and construct visions of new realities established notion of truth are challenge in the pursuit of knowledge .it is must be clearly recognized that There is no conflict between the two fold functioning of a schooling, i.e. to educate its member and to advance the frontiers of knowledge. The two are infect complementary unless high standard of teaching of teaching and examinations are maintained, education will suffer if our education establishment are to be the maker of future leader of thought and action as they should be your degree marks sheet must connote a high standard of scholarly achievement in our student. A prudent question is one half of wisdom so is this standard achieved no lady and gentlemen it is not many of our witness have expressed the opinion that the average standard of our teaching and examination are low and one of a principal of a degree college maintained that an average graduate of an Indian university was not very much superior to a matriculate of a British university. This may be an exaggeration but it is true that many of our universities even do not compare favourably with the best of British and American universities in respect of their teaching and examination standard.

The root of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet the slow but increasing democratization of education in India has meant that the educational opportunity is no longer the domain of the children of the elite or of the educated professional middle class. As more youngster from a different segment of society enter the institution of learning they look education as a mean to transcend the class barriers consequently, education is no longer viewed as a good in itself but also as the stepping stone into a higher orbit of the job market where the student expect as concrete monetary return and consequently in this perception the education of today is expects  to be in tune with the emerging need of the society “Today whole purpose of education is to turn mirror into widows” so should a student stick only to the level of education he received in school or should be opt for private coaching in Kargil which is readily available and get the required knowledge and expertise to reach a standard level of education which benefited him whether to pass  a qualifying exam for  a professional degree or a job later the education has got highly competitive and those who fail the process suffer if the romans had been obliged to learn Latin they would never have found time to conquer the world  so choosing the right centre is important. The most important thing is ensuring student received the decent education and get what they want which they have a right to something that with is resource experience and expertise the private coaching are best place to do high minded argument about ‘ethical ‘and moral obligation are all well and good but if thing go wrong it’s impossible to make up for lost time and bad practice in a student education.


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