In mood of Revenge or Restoration?

In mood of Revenge or Restoration?

As one’s disease cannot be seen with naked eyes, unless doctor suggests him some tests, similarly, condition of people in Kashmir cannot be seen through the eyes of “Firangi”, media & what the central government is trying to show or pretend. How unfortunate it’s to be a part of this heaven, one neither can live here peacefully nor die, he/she is born to live an everlasting turmoil or unrest, which has already taken his/her peace of heart away, left traumatised on the mercy of “Achche Din”, even the life in Kashmir itself is a struggle that one has to live anyhow. Well, after bifurcating J&K into two different UTs, revocation of A-370 unconstitutionally & then implementing section-144 across the state, snapping internet & voice calls even without bothering to think about the future of the state, from education to entertainment everything has been affected badly, the students who are/were preparing for different competitive exams through internet, who couldn’t afford tuitions outside the state & whose medium of preparation was only internet, who wanted to do something for surviving, did the central government ever bother to think about them before taking all these steps? Does they know how many difficulties we have been facing from education to health sector? Does they? No, they don’t & they won’t.

Their ridiculous step has left many unemployed across the country, created many hurdles for us to achieve our goals, is it something we had expected from them? Now, it has been more than three months since we have lost the touch with education & rest of the world, despite knowing internet is the back bone of education nowadays, being a student from the valley it has affected my studies & career badly, not only me, there are lakhs of students too, who are either flying away or experiencing the mornings of new Kashmir with me. Is this any way of bringing development in any state? Is this the way of creating opportunities for the youth? They violated the constitution of India, they made a mistake while sitting in the temple of the constitution, they pushed us (Jammu & Kashmir) away, and they failed in winning our trust & hearts. After snatching the freedom & rights of millions of people, PM went on tours, enjoyed different dishes, visited many places, met many people happily in the name of peace & development, while as daily wagers of the state have had nothing to feed their families, they are the most affected section of the society who have been living worse days since august 5, their children has no other option than to quit studies & to do something in order to earn some pennies for milk & bread.

We the people of J&K had expected suitable policies for the development of state from the central government, as honourable PM always talks about in his speeches. Our careers have been drowning in this life long dispute, opportunities have not been generated however, snatched & decreased. There is no other option for the educated youth of the state than to go outside for surviving, and everyone is not able to do it, because of various personal concerns. Now, apart from all these steps that government has taken, there is an idea of delimitation as well, which may take place soon probably, we don’t understand whether they want to restore our lives that have been caged since August,5 or want to take revenge of Mughal emperor  “Babur” all at once? What they want for us? Development or devastation? Peace or pain? Opportunities or unemployment? Education or illiteracy? What they exactly want for us? Kindly let us know.


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