Hostel Facilities In far-flung areas required

Hostel Facilities In far-flung areas required

There are many villages and Panchayat in rural areas where no higher secondary school has been sanctioned till date and students of such Panchayats have no option other than to seek admission in higher secondary Schools situated far away from their home villages or Panchayats. But some parents belonging to poor families are unable to send their children to such far off Schools as they cannot afford rented accommodation for their children. In view of these circumstance there is urgent need of construction of Hostel for all the Higher Secondary Schools situated in rural areas including Higher Secondary School Budhal. No doubt one Ashyana Hostel Budhal had already been constructed by the Army under Sadbawana on the land donated by Locals and it had been handed over to HSS Budhal during the year 2007 but when degree College Budhal had been sanctioned during 2008 the land of Said Hostel had been included in college land. Worthy principal Govt. Degree College Budhal vide office Letter NO: DDCB/2020//02  dated :01-01-2020  has  accepted that building of Ashyana Hostel Budhal has been constructed during 2007 i.e. prior to even Sanction and establishment of Degree College Budhal   In pursuance to rules laid down in the Revenue manual the then Naib Tehsilsar Budhal was under obligation to make enter of land and Building of Ahsyana  Hostel into land records when a Govt. Building of size 170× 50 feet had been constructed there but need full had not been done.

Principal Budhal vide latter No:HSS/B/PS/33-39  dated:8-7-2019 had already  made it clear that principal HSS Budhal is real and genuine owner of land and Building of Ahyana Hostel Budhal.

Further in pursuance to public works Accounts read with rule 8.8 of Financial code volume-I and relevant rules envisaged in Book on Financial powers Building of Ashayana Hostel cannot be demolished without seeking permission from worthy principal Secretary School Education Department Or in pursuance the rules and norms in Vogue Administration of degree college cannot take the said Hostel into possession.  When the then principal Degree College Budhal had visited the college campus in pursuance to the UGC guidelines for College Buildings for on spot verification and then signing of Building plans, had he informed to Principal HSS Budhal or to the Disstrict Administration about the dispute then such a long dispute would have not been raised.  When the then worthy DDC Rajouri on the day of his tour to Budhal in month of October 2017 had disposed of the matter on spot keeping in view the legal position of the matter and Worthy DDC had directed to retain the Building in the same position but unfortunately some official of Degree College Budhal had created hindrance contrary to the rules and norms and mislead the case that is why a long dispute still could not be resolved.

Thereafter  the case has been taken up with the competent authority of School Education Department vide CEO Rajouri NO: CEO/R/ p&s/2020-21/45261-63 dated 4-2-2020 for resolving the matter in view of its legal position and rules and norms governing the field and also keeping in view needs and demand of poor students of this School. The legal aspect of the case is that a large size Govt Building can only be constructed after legally acquiring the land which in fact had been donated.

The aforementioned facts make it apparent clear that principal HSS Budhal is the real and genuine owner of Land and Building Of Ashyana Hostel Buhal and thus taking legal position of the matter into consideration. Building of Ashayana Hostel Budhal can be kept in the same existing position till the answer of following questions are received for concerned incumbent holding the charge of land records or the other concerned.


Parent and students have raised following questions:


Q 1 Was there no land other than the land of Ashayana Hostel Budhal for including in College land?

Q 2 when sufficient other land was available there then what compelled the authorities to include land of Hostel in the college Land.

Q 3 When a Govt Building of size 170×50 feet had been constructed on the land donated for the purpose and in pursuance to Revenue Manual the then Naib Tehsilsar was under obligation to make record entry then why this rule has not been complied?

Q 4 Principal Budhal has submitted sufficient proof from Land Law in pursuance to which land acquired for one department cannot be re-allocated to another department then why such Law has not been considered /implemented?

One thing important worth mentioning here is that at the time Construction of Building of Degree College Budhal had been started a meeting had been held which had been attended by principal the then principal HSS Budhal, the then principal Degree College Budhal, warden of the Hostel Mr Javaid Iqbal Dar and Contractor to whom construction work had been allotted. In the meeting detailed discussion was held and it had been promised by the then principal Degree College Budhal that Building of Ashuana Hostel will be kept in the same position. An affidavit to this fact was given by the contractor where in it has been mentioned that Hostel is the property of principal HSS Budhal. An argument in support of this claim and fact is that when the then principal Degree College Budhal had visited the College campus for on spot verification and signing of Building plan of Degree College Budhal and when worthy principal had seen such a large Building there he would have immediately informed the District Administration. In view of this argument and affidavit submitted which is available in the office record of principal HSS Budhal raising dispute or objection at this stage is not tenable.

Besides Land of Ashayana Hostel has been awarded contrary to rules and norms because in pursuance of Land Laws, Land donated to one Govt. Department cannot be awarded to another Govt Department. If public parents and students would be heard then one may come to know that the Hostel had been sanctioned by the Army under Sadbavana with the great efforts of the public and parents and huge amount from the Govt exchequer has been spent on construction of this Hostel Building and furniture’s. purpose of writing this detailed Article is to apprise the present  worthy principal of Degree College Budhal to kindly help in keeping the Hostel Building in same position for the use of the poor students of more than ten Panchayats whose parents being poor cannot manage rented accommodation for their children’s. This facts proves that so many students would not be able to continue their studies if Hostel facility would not be available for poor students at Budhal. Moreover if equal Building is constructed in adjoining of Higher Secondary School Budhal then only cost of land is one crore and fifty lakh as per market rate and more than eighth one lakh approximately is required for construction purpose. Thus total cost of the project is two crore and thirty one lakh and there is no provision of making allotment for construction of Building and also for acquiring of land .This argument also indicates that retaining the existing Building will be necessary in the interest of poor students. Beside need of hours is that Hostel facilities may kindly be provided in all the Higher Secondary Schools situated in far-flung areas so that students belonging to poor families could also be able to continue their studies without facing problem of residential accommodation.


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