Forgiveness; a step towards peace, prosperity, love & respect

Forgiveness; a step towards peace, prosperity, love & respect

Human beings live in a society and are in deep relationship with each other. There is a diversity so far human beings are concerned, we differ in ideology, thinking, way of living, culture etc. Diversity is main factor for the fact that human beings harm each other in their day today life whether deliberately or unintentionally. Our relationship whether in family or outside remains successful only till we forgive, love respect & care each other. Whenever any harm is done to any member, strained relationship begin to develop, whether that is intentionally or unintentionally done, it impacts our relationship surely but a great quality which each human must possess is “to pardon”. Prophet Muhammad saw said “that you don’t do evil to those who do evil to you but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness” there are so many benefits of forgiveness that is why it has been stressed. In order to develop health relationship, society we need to have this quality of forgiveness .to error is human. Its human nature, but in order to promote love peace prosperity around us we have to forgive each other. L Huie rightly said that forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.

Various social evils, issues can be settled better if we have quality to pardon fellow beings.i am of firm belief that peace and prosperity can prevail in almost every family, if we forgive one another for any harm, sin etc. “Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of strong” .in order to forgive our fellow beings we need to have broader vision, thinking and under no circumstances narrow mindedness. In this universe we have so many instances of great personalities who after assuming higher position were so humble to other fellow beings. In this temporarily universe everyone has to taste death and there is no space left for doing harm to others deliberately.

Robert Quillen “a happy marriage is the Union of two good forgivers. A couple will lead happy life and will have peace prosperity in their life if they forgive each other’s past .so many divorces are outcomes of narrow mindedness and ego between them. Studies have found that forgiveness has many benefits for health lowering the risk of heart attack, improving cholesterol levels and sleep and reducing pain, blood pressure and levels of anxiety depress and stress.

Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves. If we will not forgive person for harmful acts, sins they did and keep that thing in mind definitely it will affect our mental health as well .so let’s forgive people even though they don’t say ‘sorry ‘.for our own wellbeing we have to develop this quality of “forgiveness”.

Study has revealed that forgiveness can lead to healthier relationship, improved mental health, less anxiety, stress & hostility, lower blood pressure, strong immune system, lower symptoms of depression, improve heart health, improve self-esteem. Relationship never die a natural death they are murdered by our attitude, behaviour, arrogance let’s develop this great quality “to pardon everyone” in order to have a healthier relationship between fellow human beings and promote peace, prosperity, love and respect.


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