First Female driver of JK: Pooja Devi proud of being the first female commercial driver in the region

First Female driver of JK: Pooja Devi proud of being the first female commercial driver in the region

Jammu: Pooja Devi hails from Basoli a remote village of Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir became an internet sensation moments after she was declared the first female commercial driver of the region which was her passion right from her childhood days.  Due to some financials outcomes she couldn’t continue her education which left her with the limited options to opt for. As she is driving the super-fast coach bus from Kathua to Jammu on National Highway. She belongs from poor family and is the mother of three Children including two sons and a daughter. Her son is studying in class 7th and the younger one is studying in class 2nd while as her daughter is student of 10th.

First Female driver of JK: Pooja Devi proud of being the first female commercial driver in the region

While talking with Kashmir Glacier exclusively, Pooja Devi said, “Earlier I was working as a trainer at a local driving institute based in Jammu where I was paid Rs 10,000/ monthly. I always wished to drive a passenger vehicle and recently I got this opportunity to drive a super-fast bus on Jammu to Kathua route. While on my first trip I took my younger son with me on the very first trip to Jammu.”

Firstly, Pooja Devi drove cab (Taxi) in order to hold on driving basic commercial vehicles, then she drove an Echoo van for some years and after that she tried her skills on driving heavy motor vehicles including a truck through Jammu National highway but her family members particularly her husband raised concerns over her safety. Poja faced all the challenges and troubles to live her life upto her expectations by becoming a professional commercial driver of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

In conversation with Kashmir Glacier reporter she said, “Today I am very glad as my distant dream came true by being a well-known lady professional driver. I faced a lot of hurdles in this path as my family members including my in-laws were totally against my decision but I  kept them out of my passion and I hope that they are now convinced with my way of life. This journey of mine wasn’t as easy as it seems to be and lastly God blessed me with something I have been working on for over the years.

She further said that apart from living her dream, her profession also helped her in many ways of life right from uplifting the financial condition of her family.

She further added, “In my professional endeavor Mr. Rajpal Ji, Manager at a bus service provided me an opportunity to drive a bus as I went to him and asked him could he give me a bus to drive the commuters? He replied, do you have a license? And soon after I told him yes, he said ok you can drive my bus. He trusted in me for which I greatly thankful to him. He left his bus worth hundreds of thousand without knowing me that is what make me more determined towards my profession. Nothing is impossible in life, one must need to honest, determined, and dedicated in pursuing his/her professional endeavors.


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