Can Education Counter Gender Inequality

Can Education Counter Gender Inequality

In our society like in Ladakh Kargil there is a marked preference for a male child over a female child. Parent fear the various challenges they might face in bringing up a daughter. Beside social inequality women are also victims of various prejudices and act of violence, including eve teasing and domestic violence  in this regard parents must make a conscious effort to educate their daughter and son equally which will help address the issue of inequality in Ladakh. Currently girls invariable outperform boys in it in broad exam or competitive exam likes KAS.IAS/IPS/MBBS NET, SET and AIEEE.

Despite this, our society continues to discriminate against girls. There is an example from our neighbourhood in Kargil Ladakh town where one family has four daughter and another has three sons .the former must have wondered about  their fate, while the latter probably rejoiced a lot for giving birth to three males the three bread earner out destiny had some other thing in store you will be surprised to know that three girls child out of the five are married and well settled while as all the three sons in the other family did not pass their matric Exam and are still struggling to get married by imparting education to girls we as parents can contribute a lot  towards the building of a responsible society and a responsible nation, education can make women self-dependent responsible and strong they can fight for their dignity they can fight against the socially evils like dowry democratic violence, harassment bribes corruption etc. They can stand up against the comers like rape, murder killing are teasing etc.

If you Educate your daughter you won’t  need to give dowry to that in lain and God forbid if you don’t get a good match for you educate daughter there is still nothing to worry about while I salute all those parent including my own ones who despite all odds educated their daughter and provided them a dignified life, I appeal all those parents who are against the women education that kindly let your daughter read and write let them understand  the very means of the existence and let them fly and fulfil their dreams.


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