Beating the odds: How Nargis Majid fought with the structure of criticism

Beating the odds: How Nargis Majid fought with the structure of criticism

In today’s strategically and drastically changing world, women are playing a major role in major fields from scientific spheres, literature to corporate and have given a tough competition to the structure of dependency. Various and events are supporting and bringing them forward ending up educating them to be independent and bold enough to face the challenges of life. Women now are capable enough of making rational all kinds of decisions in all aspects of life. This subject, I’m writing about, has already been spoken of a lot and might be boring to some. But having been born and grown up in a conservative society, the subject of “supporting/encouraging/endorsing” always interests me and my brain adapts itself to support people and speak of struggles. I sincerely believe that there is always a scope of “redefining a concept” and therefore, I will be referring to, possibly, a new meaning. Let us then begin to think of it in a specific way, to give it a new meaning which takes into account the insight which originates in an unbiased mind. The present world is moving out for reconnection and renovation. So is up with the female folk. Sex based discrimination, in the part of many societies is now given a negative card.

From decades, women have been making a improvised contribution to every dimension of life or any sphere of knowledge and culture. From flying a supersonic jet to discovering lifesaving drugs, productive inventions to being researchers of advanced studies, but what we see in many cases is their valuable efforts being underplayed or neglected and they remain unknown and unleashed.

For quite some time, Kashmir has witnessed the same, people creating their own niche including female folk. In recent years the discoveries, particularly by women, have improved and there are more women entering careers or bringing bread to the table by creating opportunities of their own, than ever before. For a reference, dancing, dancing has long been considered a career defining art form. Back then, in some conservative societies of Kashmir, people thought that the dance was something only men could make a bread through. It was common for a lady to be turned down for participation in events that include dance, on the grounds that it wasn’t considered a respectable niche. The world now, being drastically changed, is up with this new mind-set to open the door to a new kind of woman who has begun to emerge from the bowels of heaven Kashmir, a woman upon whom the future depends. “People still can’t differentiate between dance as career defining niche versus dance as art, in the society I live”, says Nargis Majid, a young dancer from Srinagar, Kashmir.

Nargis, being a student, is truly an empowered woman who fought all the odds to reach a reputation she has as that of now. “Despite of my experiences with the critics, who played their best cards, no one had even thought about the possibility of mine, being a woman, achieving heights in this form of art, even though exposure being at its extreme”, Nargis added.

So, now things are changing and the facts, where only male dancers were able to create a niche for themselves in the mainstream entertainment, are changing as well. The female population, aspiring dancers like Nargis are bringing up their artistic merit and entertainment value above and beyond an average male dancer and are presenting themselves in a manner that is encouraged enough.

“As a female dancer, my performances have been considerably limited because of the conservative thinking that exists in our ideology for female dancers; However, I have been able to find talks of endorsement. Experiences have taught me that because of this fear, I have to make sure that I prove all of the people who play an important role in discouraging me, wrong, because i already have, in myself all that is needed in order to succeed”, Nargis said.

Nargis now is beginning to make inroads in important talent hunt ventures and has already pioneered performances in important cultural events around and off the city, including her debut live at an auspicious stage like Tagore Hall, Srinagar. So, redefining the “usually talked about” issue, I would like to say that no matter what odd situation you find yourself in, never stop loving yourself and retaining your self-esteem. Don’t let the negative spiral roll you down, stand still, be bold, discover or rediscover, learn and seek, be an answer and beat the odds. It’ll work one day.


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