A Step Towards Women Empowerment

A Step Towards Women Empowerment

There is a woman, my mother, my sister or my daughter, it’s she who calls up the most sacred emotions from the depths of my life! There is my beloved son, my Moon and my stars who makes me understand the Poetry of life. How could the holy law of God regard these beautiful creatures as despicable? Surely there is an error in interpretation by the learned.”  These are the words of great Poet Ziya and these beautifully bring out the reason of women suppression and justifies our quest for women empowerment.

Women empowerment is a buzz word today, no need to be introduced. We have now ‘physically’ moved from patriarchy to a ‘just society’. We have formulated laws, driven movements, formed organizations and shouts for women empowerment on the streets, in simpler words we have strived a lot in every sphere: Political, economic and whatever, however what we have realized is too little a reward . Still we have debates over it, still we see millions of cases of women assault, and still the number of women legislatures is nearly negligible. Then let’s wait a moment, mull over it. What are we anticipating! What are we moving toward! , Absolutely nothing other than power politics. Because even after such striving we ourselves are keeping the words like feminism alive, still we have a special cell for women protection. We have written and read a lot over women empowerment: social economic and political however haven’t we left the core of it? “The personal” “the individualistic”

Approaching this side we have to accept that Nazis rose because Hitler changed, and in our case we will realize that the vary foundations of our struggle are sheer illusions. We have accepted the political equality however we are still far away from realizing the oneness and beauty of spirit that nature has gifted us without considering, that is the body with a vagina or penis.  We still have patriarchal system in our homes, not between the mother and father but between the “Male Brother:” and “Female Sister, where the former one can hook-up with ‘other females’, style the way the way he wants however it’s his love for his “Female Sister” that she can’t sing or even dress from her heart, even at her own home. We still have the social setup whereby “A male chauvinistic Pig” is garnished as saviour of family and honour and the “Sweet hearted Nightingale” forlorn from her garden of dreams! Wings Cut!

Aren’t we still considering that a rape victim is the one who loses honour? So how can we help? We have characters of Pappachi all around, just in society, tyrants at homes, as our brothers and fathers. So we have to change the core, social thinking ,from family setup ,finally depending upon “individualistic change” we need men to realize that helping women is Sunnah, if women have breasts it is a gift, something more to them than men a gift not a curse , that a man can be affectionate too like a woman . And for women we need to make them realize that they aren’t to be wooed-by-men but loved by the soul. We have to start it from our homes like Chacko did. We need to pluck the eyes that see women and men different at all. And accept its men who lack the motherly love and sisterly affection. And for this two agencies of socialization can help a lot. Art and Religion! Artists have moulded histories so here also we need true artists whose souls are above these, we need a combination of words from writings, vibrations from music and colours from paintings that shall drive deep into everyone’s soul and make the change happen.

As long as religion is considered ,that is the greatest force on Earth to create or destroy literally anything, but too long to discuss about, however in shortest sentence possible we can say” We need to rebuild the more non basic laws of Shariah in light of modern thought and experiences” that we are allowed . And heartily welcome the modern intellectual and spiritual movements that need to be set free and we need a  transition through intellectual freedom and moral struggle in view of the things emerging from  the coming future life and don’t faithfully and blindly live the past but  rationally and respectfully build our life on its foundation.  Hence for ‘ Practical purposes in a hopelessly practical world’

In the bottom line it’s worth to mention that the aim is not to stop rape cases, because there will practically always animals living among us, however the aim is to make masses accept and realize it that a rape victim is a warrior against the centuries of suppression and tyranny and it’s our social setup and our souls that are painted black. This shall be the first and last step towards garnishing women empowerment, all other mirages because it’s the only one aiming at ending Women Empowerment and turning it into Human Empowerment.


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