‘World’s dirtiest man’: Amou Haji, from Iran, has not bathed for 67 years

‘World’s dirtiest man’: Amou Haji, from Iran, has not bathed for 67 years

For how many days can you go without a shower? This man hasn’t bathed in 67 years. Amou Haji, 87, from Dejgah, a village in the southern Iranian province of Iran, has looks like the Biblical Moses who fell down a chimney. Covered in ash and dirt, you would mistake him for a sculpture if he is still.

Amou hasn’t bathed for nearly seven decades because he is scared of water. He believes that if he will bath, he will fall ill. Cleanliness brings him sickness.

His favourite meal is rotten meat of dead animals, especially porcupines. He loves smoking but it is not tobacco that he enjoys. He prefers to smoke animal faeces out of a rusty pipe.

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After going through some emotional setbacks in his youth, Haji decided to live an isolated life, Tehran Times reported.

He wears a war helmet not to fight off enemies but to keep him warm during winters.

He has found some places to live in – a hole in the ground resembling a grave to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life and an open brick shack built by people who felt bad for him.

He does check himself out in mirrors – the sided mirrors of passing-by cars.

He drinks five litres of water every day from a large rust tin can.

He gets his hair trimmed by burning them over a fire.

Haji is not the only man who hasn’t bathed for years. Guru Kailash Singh from Varanasi refused to bathe soon after his marriage in 1974. His decision came after priests said that he would have a son if he stopped bathing. The prediction failed as Singh was blessed with seven daughters.


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