Nature’s Grief

Nature’s Grief

Lonely, I wandered the lofty hills
the morn breeze hurriedly
waved me bye.
Silently, I spoke to the hiding moon.
It shed a bitter tear to cover
the blemish.

The dusky morn too seemed overcast.
Quite drooping the abloom appeared.
I asked the wavy billows to tell me why
The nature had hid its vibrant energy.

Hither and thither, in a fix, I ran and ran
The cacti that grew nearby bled profusely
In the creek, the dolphins too wailed.
the diversified ocean too went still.

The stormy winds carried a message
A gush of air whispered in my ear
“A tree has been murdered-killed mercilessly.
Earthly mother has lost a grown up son.

The nature is in deep mourning
The pristine flowers too have refused
To bloom: turned to mutineers.
Summer too seemed to comply.


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