Meet Tariq Patloo: First Kashmiri Designer of water Ambulance rowing over Dal Lake

Meet Tariq Patloo: First Kashmiri Designer of water Ambulance rowing over Dal Lake

Raouf Dar

Srinagar: In the backdrop of Covid-19, a resident of Srinagar who was infected with the novel coronavirus and braced immense hardships while dealing with the infection. The idea of creating a water Ambulance came to his mind when he faced hardships in availing the facilities that could help him to reach Doctors. Tariq Ahmad Patloo hails from Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir recently designed a Water Ambulance particularly for the people living in the interiors of World famous Dal Lake. This is the first type of ambulance which was ignored by many over the past decades and now his idea has gained a lot of appraisal from all the walks of life. Tariq has done his schooling from a Government High School, Sonwar Srinagar and have always been working for the welfare and upliftment of people of Kashmir. In 2014, Tariq has rescued Scores of Kashmiri during the devastating floods and he has timely worked for Dal Lake during the past years.

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Tariq Patloo is the first Kashmiri who designed water ambulance for locals as well as for Tourists. The idea to make a water ambulance came on his mind during the COVID-19 outbreak and unfortunately he was infected with this dreadful disease. During the treatment he was abandoned by many and that was the reason what made him to work on a water Ambulance. During his battle with novel corona virus he faced great challenges and hardships as everyone was terrified to not get infected by him.

One fine morning an idea came to his minds which prompted him to realise that having a water Ambulance is the need of the hour, why this type of initiative was neglected? He questioned himself. As Dal Lake is having House Boat Committees and unfortunately everyone gave a miss to this in the past even the administration never thought to launch a medical facilities like that in the past decades, he kept on murmuring these words. As there are 8000-10000 population in Dal Lake who are left over the mercy of God when we talk about medical and other facilities. Tariq realized that Government won’t help us in everything so he took this initiative on his own and then voluntarily he begin to work on his idea. By his consistent endeavour he succeed in making the first ever water Ambulance services which will operational very soon.

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In this Ambulance a helpline number will be available which will be open for the needy patients in and around Dal Lake. For serious patients this Ambulance will be used to commute them the said patient’s to the nearby hospital for specialised treatment. As for now each and every basic facility will be available in this ambulance.
While interacting with Kashmir Glacier, Tariq Ahmad Patloo said that, “When I got infected with novel Coronavirus this year, no came me for my help, I faced so many problems while availing the medical care in which an efficient transportation from my houseboat to the hospital was the biggest one.” He said that the idea of having a water ambulance services strike on his mind during his treatment for Covid-19 and soon after he tested negative he started working on this Ambulance.

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He further said that, “I designed this ambulance by myself as its made of Aluminium, Deodar, Iron, and much more. If anyone wishes to avail the Ambulance services in-case of emergency around Dal Lake they can call us anytime and we can help them no matter what,” adding, Satya Rakha Trust, was the only Delhi based trust which helped me in this project by providing adequate finance whileas Governor led administration failed to help me in this project.
“It may not cover the entire population of Dal lake population which is more than 8000 so initially we will see the response from the people.” He said that presently this Ambulance is merely a show piece because of non-availability of medical professional and equipments which are highly required for an ambulance. He further said that, “I want this ambulance to be operationalized on 24+7 basis.

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When questioned about the areas of service Tariq said that it only covers the interiors of Dal Lake population and the requested services won’t be feasible for far off areas like Nigeen Lake. As people living in Nigeen area could easily avail transport facilities in order to reach out hospital.
“I personally contacted every doctor to get their ideas on this initiative and after all the required discussions every basic facility which needs to be required in an ambulance will be available i.e. ECG, Oxygen, BP Monitoring, etc. The hurdles during this project is weather inclement and proper electricity source which is of great importance in an ambulance. In his message to the people of Kashmir, Tariq said that, “I am requesting the people to help each other in this tormenting times, we should turn a blind eye towards those who are in a desperate need of help and I am kicking off this service with an aim of serving humanity. We shouldn’t create panic among the people who are inflicted with hardships as we should try to share their burden by lending a helping hand towards them. We shouldn’t be afraid of Covid19 patients as the best we can do is to help them by taking proper measures by making the efficient use of masks, sanitizers, PPE kits, boycotting them isn’t an option at all.(Kashmir Glacier)


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