Lost Mother

Lost Mother

There is a Lady she is very beautiful, she is known for her beauty across the world, everyone loves her for the mesmerising looks she has, she is a treasure of beauty, treasure of many and different looks in different seasons, not just only beautiful is she, but known for her diversity, she follows many religions, speaks many languages and enjoys different cultures & festivals. People come to see her from different states, countries and take pictures with her, to keep her alive in their memories, they say, we have never seen any woman like her in this world. There is a huge respect in their hearts for the lady, they feel totally safe themselves in her home. She is known for her hospitality, kindness & care towards everyone be it her own children or unknown, she believes in equality, unity & fraternity, she is very helpful and humane. She loves peace and for centuries she was totally free, peaceful, happy and what not, she used to roam on roads whole nights, she used to live without fear actually. Dark nights started of her life when she was sold first as an immature girl. She faced brutality, inequality, injustice for many decades & as she grown mature. She understood her rights & raised her voice for herself however, the “Maalik” tried to capture her, he didn’t listen to her, didn’t listen her will & wishes, she wanted to be alone, wanted to do something for herself for her children but, Maalik didn’t listen to her a bit & finally her custody was given to another powerful Maalik who could control her easily, but they signed a deal once the lady will relax she will get back to her previous Maalik & her wishes will be full filled according to her. The lady has grown too old now, her children have also joined her freedom struggle.
It has been decades since they decided her fate however, power & greed betrayed her badly, they kept her along with her children under the vigil of 7lac humans with arms. Her children have been dying one by one, even those who try to support them get killed, her beauty took away many eyes, dreams, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers & left many wounded her beauty turned into ugliness. Hibba, Insha,Wamiq & Tufail are/were her young children, who tried to defend their old mother perhaps. The one who has imprisoned her & another neighbour who has been trying for her custody since years they can do anything for the lady in order to win her at any cost, they often fight with each other, they have even fought many times in past as well, they are very famous in their neighbourhood for their rivalry, they are always ready to kill each other. They have left no stone unturned till now, directly or indirectly the lady has been suffering very badly in between their meaningless fight, they have divided her as she is an asset, they haven’t divided her body only however, her children, emotions, sentiments, relations, dreams & what not, Aah ! She has lost all the rights of her life, she can’t decide anything for her future, and she is being ruled and suppressed by the so called followers of peace & equality.

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However, the lady wants to remain alone, wants to live her life according to her rules & wishes, she is enough mature to survive in this world, she is enough brave to tackle every situation on her own. Her children are desperate to see each other but they are barely allowed, neither they are safe in their home nor outside, they even can’t live together under one roof. Tyranny of power has broken many dreams & homes. The lady along with her kith & kins has been fighting for the morning of freedom, fighting for the rights, equality, respect & mostly she is very desperate for “PEACE” which has been missing from her life for more than decades,seems she is losing hope, losing faith, losing her magical beauty that’s something for what she is known for. Her neighbours have made her life quite hell, she curse herself for the beauty God has given her & believes that she is responsible for many killings & a huge devastation, she cries every day, urges her neighbours to stop all this, however, they don’t pay heed.

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The whole world is responsible for the dark years she has been living, they all did conspiracy to destroy her beauty & image, to destroy her children’s future, insisted them to hold arms, although they tried to find unity in diversity but all in vein. Years turned her face from beauty to beast, turned her magical eyes into darkness, took away her peace of heart, mind & left traumatised on the mercy of faith that one day she will recover, will see a new morning, her wounds will be filled with love & equal attention. It’s more disappointing & sad to see that her other neighbours have been watching her condition from their windows instead of helping her, they can watch tyranny & injustice however, they can’t raise their voice against the scenario, they can’t come forward & help her, they even can’t do any damn thing for the helplessness of poor lady, Alas ! Let the poor lady die slowly along with her children, let people enjoy their blood on roads, let them enjoy their freedom under restriction for more than one could bear, let them enjoy “Shikara ride in her bloody eyes, let them enjoy costly stay & food, let them watch all this from their windows. Let them enjoy, let them enjoy!


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