Indian Media: Rusted Pillar Of Democracy

Indian Media: Rusted Pillar Of Democracy

Media is literally called as 4th pillar of democracy but if that pillar acts foul, democracy becomes a threat itself. When someone says the word ‘media’ many things pop up in our mind. It is the single most powerful entity on earth to create and change public opinion with ease. We live in the time when news channels from across the globe especially from India are more concerned about everything else but news. They give us drama, suspense, thrill, comedy and occasionally, they give us the real news.

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Breaking, Breaking, Breaking
The ‘breaking news’ for almost every news channel is nothing but a direct source of TRP. It doesn’t matter how important that particular news is to anyone and everyone, but if it gives you an adrenaline rush, it’s definitely a breaking news for the channel. Sushant Singh’s suicide has been a hot debate on almost every news channel of India and when Rhea Chakraborty’s investigation started the headlines were filled with her day to day activities. From what she ate to what she wore was discussed with pride. News anchors and reporters left no stone unturned in making that irrelevant piece of crap sound as sensational as possible. By doing so they not only are feeding us with bogus things, but also push the real issue under the carpet.

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As per NCRB data for 2019 42,480 farmers daily wagers committed suicide in past 3 years, India has the highest unemployment rate in 40 years, highest ever fuel prices in the country and ranked 102 in hunger index, such issues which should be addressed and discussed on topmost priority by government and media are given a seat back. But who cares? Political unawareness of a large section of the population doesn’t help either. Since it’s people who give such news channels more TRP for their thrillers than to those who talk on real issues. What Kangana tweeted is more important than the rising corona cases and much genuine than farmers protest. India has officially entered into a phase of Recession but news channels are hounding Rhea Chakraborty.

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India is reporting many new coronavirus cases every day, and the country is beating its own record everyday but baring one or two news outlets, none is giving it the coverage if deserves. Instead of questions being raised on this and asking the government what it is doing to counter it, the media is busy with Kananga’s tweets. The reason behind such an irresponsible show from the media can be many. But at least two reasons are pretty clear and evident. The easy TRP and hence the greater monetary gains that such reporting and shows promise is a prime reason. Secondly, the political affiliation of media houses. Rhea Chakraborty is one of the many scapegoats used to conceal the disastrous governance. No wonder India is at 140th spot out of 180 countries when it comes to freedom of press.

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There are many news channels that have now became the talk of the town, they have been officially given the name as Godi Media. I won’t take the name of any of these channels because the nation already knows, who I am talking about. The only thing that you will hear from any news debate is NOISE NOISE & NOISE. In the recent development there have been so many issues that news channels would have discussed about be it fall of GDP, the India China face off in Ladakh, Anti-farmer bill, unemployment and so many other subjects. But Alas! our media is more concerned about the Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. Many of the news channels have even held Rhea Guilty, and others have managed to frame a negative image of her. But “innocent until proven Guilty” is just a phrase for these media houses, and they are doing the job what the Apex court is subjected to do. News channels have now became a sample of court where the Judge “The anchor” will deliver the verdict by hearing his fellow mates that are of same concept, and of those who try to speak genuine are muted and their voices are overlapped, as a result it frames a negative image of those as they are unable to deliver their point.

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The game is all about the gaining more & more TRP. No matter the authenticity is valid or not but if you are fast you are considered best. These media houses also fall prey to the fake and unauthentic news at times. A recent example of this was a fake order of 4G being restored in whole J&K. One of the most authentic news channel of India fell prey to that fake order and circulated it on its official twitter page. This shows what they post can be unverified and can’t be trusted at once at all.
There are news channels categorised on the basis of the Government’s recent development, say for suppose, if any bill is passed in the Parliament its merits will be discussed by Sudhir Chaudhary of (Zee News) and its demerits would be endorsed by Ravish Kumar of (NDTV).

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Official Peeing Human which stands among top 4 news channels have shared a data of last 55 debates. In consolidation they shared the data of Number of debates on the following issues in recent times by Indian news channels:
(Pakistan 79) (Attacking opposition 66) (Praising Government 36) (Ram Mandir 14) (Unemployment 0) (Farmers 0) (Economy 0) This is something very unfortunate. Watching News channel nowadays is no less than watching a comedy show. It provides you entertainment besides keeps you far away from actual news. The news anchors replicate stand-up comedian on a chair though. Why there is comedy in news channels nowadays a perfect example of it was; MUJHE DRUGS DO, MUJHE DRUGS DO (Give me drugs, give me drugs) everyone who had watched it must have laughed to the core. These news channels have lost their moral value & ethics of reporting, what should be the priority instead they’re making mockery of themselves.


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