Improvement in vocabulary and self-expression

Improvement in vocabulary and self-expression

On one hand it is well established fact that if a candidate must have full command over tense, he must have sufficient vocabulary of appropriate words of English, he must have good understanding power, he must have a sharp memory, he must have a good sitting habit for reading purpose, he must take keen interest in reading and writing ,he must be expert in planning and he must have sufficient ability and capacity of self-expression so that he can write on any topic in an excellent and beautiful manner then he can be considered as an efficient and intelligent student. On the other hands it has been observed that many students reading in various institutions of far-flung areas do not have vocabulary of three thousand six hundred and sixty nine words when they appear in secondary class examination i.e.: after reading for ten years in Schools and this vocabulary can be acquired very easily if a student will learn at least one words per day. But the fact is that during routine reading a student learns many words per day that after ten year he must be sufficient rich in vocabulary. It is necessary to find some appropriate solution of this problem facing the student’s community as well as teachers so that every child can acquire the minimum vocabulary required for self-expressions. It is also necessary to find the methods and techniques to be adopted by the teachers during teaching learning processes with the help of which every student who seeks admission in a school can gain sufficient ability and capacity of self-expression. In order to make every student sufficient rich in vocabulary of appropriate words in English every student can be advised to prepare and remember at least one word per day so that during an academic year every student can learn and memorise the correct spelling and meaning of at least three hundred and sixty-five (365) words per annum.

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Now it is also necessary that such a method is also required to be devised so that student may get opportunity to revise all these words along with use of such words in sentences in a correct manner.
For creating the ability and capacity of self-expression sufficient avenues are required to be provided to the students in addition to routine reading and writing in the class. For this purpose it is also necessary that after middle standard habit of reading magazines, newspapers, journals and extra books are required to be created in the students so that when students must get some free time then in order to enjoy they must read such books etc. for increasing their knowledge. In the books students must read essay, short stories and paragraph so that with the help of such reading students must understand setting and arrangement of sentences. When students would have been blessed with good memory then their knowledge about various topics would certainly increase. Now when students would have good memory then they would remember all whatever they would have learned about a particular topic. Health tips including physical exercises must also be taught to the students. Students must also be advised to take diet rich in various composition of diet which includes proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals etc. on rotation basis so that every student must have good health. When students would have good health then they would have a sound mind possessing a sharp memory because a sound mind lies in a sound body and sharp memory is always possessed by sound mind. For increasing vocabulary and self-expression in all the students a written test can be organised once in every week on alternate basis so in one week students may get chance of improvement of vocabulary and in the other week student must be given opportunity to express themselves on some general topics of important nature. This must be done in each school for the students of each class. Provision of some minimum possible awards can be arranged for the first three position holders in each event as mentioned above and to be organised by every School so as to create interest among the students or in order to increase their knowledge about various topics and also increase their vocabulary. In case of vocabulary those student who would write correct words in respect of spelling and correct meaning and would secure top positions in respect of writing number of words can be awarded some possible cash prize and a certificate.

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In the similar manner cash prize and certificates can also be awarded to the students who will participate in essay writing, paragraph writing, short story writing or any other appropriate programme which can increase the writing skill among the students. In this way a congenial atmosphere can be created in every school so that every student may take interest in improving his vocabulary or writing skill.
Beside when a student seeks admission in fourth standard, teachers in consultation with the parents of the students and keeping in view learning level and interest of the students must fix three beautiful goals for each child. Beside students must also be taught importance of such beautiful goals and also efficiency requires to achieve every goal. It is well established fact that as much goal is beautiful then students must do that much hard efforts to achieve such goals. Thus it become apparent clear when every student must have full knowledge and importance of various goals, it will help them in increasing their vocabulary, efficiency and knowledge with the passage of time.

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The purpose of writing this article is to apprise the teaching community through the medium of this article by publishing it in this esteemed newspaper that aforementioned method, techniques and procedures can be adopted by them(teachers) during the course of their teaching for increasing knowledge and vocabulary of every student so that every student can become extra-ordinary intelligent. In this a very beautiful congenial atmosphere can also be created in all the Schools for teaching learning purpose and also lost glory of teaching profession can also be restored or re-gained which will improve the proper functioning of this prestigious department.


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