Meet Adnan Altaf Meer: 19 years old boy takes initiative to help poor and needy people in Kashmir

Meet Adnan Altaf Meer: 19 years old boy takes initiative to help poor and needy people in Kashmir

We all come across some circumstances in our life that causes us to change our thinking, that makes us realize that the world we look in needs to be transformed for not only the sake of our own satisfaction but also for the sake of betterment of this world and for the sake of transformation of this world into a live paradise. You might be thinking why I am sharing these lines here but, believe me this is the need of time that we not only ponder over our needs and desires but, put a little of them on side and ponder on the needs of those who had killed their desires long back in past but, are still contempt and thankful even for the harsh life they have. A very heart wrenching story was shared by a 19 years old boy from Budgam namely Adnan Altaf Meer. Adnan is presently an Arts student at Amar Singh College but, he has a very kind heart and a modest mind because of which he felt the need of sharing the story below with all of us and took a very appreciable initiative in order to help the needy and poor people from Kashmir. Adnan belongs to a family of humble background and, being a young enthusiastic boy, he always uses to put himself into the thought of being a helping hand to others, and that’s why he had already planned that apart from studying politics and world affairs, he shall put his life devoted for the cause of helping others ie., He wants to be social worker as well. Although he is already doing a great job as a social worker by helping the poor people with the things they need, to as much extent as he could.

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Adnan said, some few days ago, an old woman asked him for a lift. He gave her lift from Humhama and she said him “Gobra mei che dasgeer saebun gasun” which means I have to visit dasgeer saebun. He said don’t worry, I will drop you there. Minutes passed and she said that she is poor and has no clothes to survive this winter. She wanted a Kangri, gloves, sweater and other things. He had no money to give her but then He remembered maybe WALL OF KINDNESS can help her. He took her there but there were no donations left. No help was provided there. It broke his heart to realise that all he can do for her is to give her some money and drop her. He was left helpless because he had very less time to manage everything as she was in a hurry to pray Jummah nimaaz. He asked her ‘where do you live’ to which she replied I don’t have a home, be chas astaanan peth rozaan. This made Adnan to think that there are many such people who are left helpless every day. As a Muslim, I am thankful that I have a good living life but, at the same time I can’t act like a deaf, dumb and blind because Islam guides me to help people out of what is available to me, said Adnan. He further added, a single WALL OF KINDNESS cannot eradicate poverty. He further added that we need many such Walls dedicated towards helping the needy people so that they can also sleep in the lap of stability during this harsh time of winters in Kashmir. We know that how much cold already it is and Chillai Kalan is on its way. Just imagine for a minute yourself in summer clothes and those too are loose stitched, in this tough and difficult time. How would you feel?! Probably you will get inside a blanket, take warm clothes over your body and sit down infront of a heater with a cup of hot tea. But, unfortunately same isn’t the case with everyone. There are people who wear summer loose stitched clothes during these winters, they live under the roads, streets, shrines and don’t have any kind of facility for eating, drinking or warming their selves. How would you feel if you see them? Definitely it would be the way Adnan felt after seeing that old lady struggling. That’s why there is a need to have Wall of Kindness that may help them. Adnan is presently working on it. Results shall be out soon. Let’s hope his dream come true within this time. Inshallah.

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Adnan’s age is the age where most of the youngsters try to get stabilised in their life. They don’t know what to do, when to do and how to do but , Adnan had already matured and is very responsible towards not only his family, studies etc. but also towards his duties for the society and hence, he took the pledge of this initiative. This is something which is one of the reasons that made me write this piece i.e., our young generation needs to understand that how important it is to get involved into the matters of current affairs. It’s the youngsters of our valley on whom the future of this land stands..They are the markers who will decide whether to make this valley to fly with rainbow colours of love, development, passion, happiness, and ethics or not. The way Adnan took a stand for the poor people, the way he thought that a single WALL OF KINDNESS isn’t enough for helping out the poor, is the way our youngsters have to realise that if there is a problem then, wallahi there is a solution also. Just all we need to do is to realise it and see through the vision of our heart where actually light enters. Adnan said, Helen Keller puts, “When one door of happiness closes then another opens but, we often keep looking at the closed one and don’t realise the one that has been opened for us. Similarly, when one door of help closes another opens but, it’s we people who open that another door of happiness cum help for them. All we need to do is to take the pledge to be the cause of their happiness”. Undoubtedly, we must try at least.

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Adnan himself pointed that, we need people who can donate things, and some responsible people who can help and manage everything. Therefore, Adnan took a bold decision of helping all the poor and needy of our valley by being a two hand manager i.e., taking donations from people and providing poor and needy people with that. Sharing this message with all the people on all the social media platforms as follows, “If someone wants to donate anything, please drop me a DM and I will take things from every person who wants to donate. At least maybe in the future, if someone else would want any kind of stuff we can at least help him/her. Please take this thing seriously and help me if you can. There are social issues which need to be addressed more than political issues and everyone should try to donate. Maybe a book, old clothes, if you have anything, please DM me””…This is what Adnan himself wrote on social media because he , being a human felt the need that a person has to come forward to help others and hence , he took this great initiative. We aren’t sharing this story just to appreciate him. No, not at all. But, by sharing this, we want everyone to realise that we have to ourselves feel for our own people. A small help from us can change the life a person and can give a person stable nights by our help. The slogan used by Adnan is, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE AND SPREAD THE WORD..

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As we are guided Not Living Excessively: About this, the Qur’an declares: God created for you all that is on the earth. [2:29] He has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth. [45:13] the earths bounties are for all of humanity, not just a privileged few. Yet, having stated the obvious, we live in a world where less than twenty percent of the globe (mainly us in the “developed world”) consume eighty per-cent of the earth’s natural resources so as to buttress a consumption-driven lifestyle. Our concern here in the West is not fear of poverty, as it is obesity! We have created a world that is now grotesque in its excesses and staggering in its inequalities. Partake of the earth’s fruits for our needs we must; partake of them for our wants we certainly may; but partake of them excessively and irresponsibly we may not: Eat and drink, but not excessively. For God loves not the excessive. [7:31]
Let’s re-think, let’s be a helping hand and let’s do it! Together we can!


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