Tasty Tale of Halal Chocolates

Tasty Tale of Halal Chocolates

Tired of the unsafe and haram stabilizers found in chocolates and frozen yogurt, two youthful Kashmiri young ladies chose to make chocolates here in Kashmir itself under the brand F&F Halal Foods and Flavours. Without any apparatus and manufacturing plant these young ladies make carefully assembled chocolates from their home and sell them online which in itself is first of it’s sort. To discover halal choice in chocolates the sweet story of handcrafted Halal Chocolates began. The birth occurred by discovering and paying special mind to the food particularly chocolates being halal and this thought pushed the two youthful female business visionaries, matured 23 from Srinagar to discover an answer for this. Fozia Farooq a MBA understudy and Farzana Qayoom seeking after M.Com and planning for Civil Services right now trust it was not for only them but rather for their locale too. Having a place with a Muslim lion’s share state, they needed to make it helpful and simple for their kin.

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They made sure about a large portion of the subsidizing for their new company through sparing and backing from family. They cooperate through thick and slight to give out the best for Halal Chocolates. For this situation, they got some assistance from both inside and outer sources. They even contacted get proficient assistance from Australia. Fozia’s sister, as of now living in Australia helped them to discover contacts and complete courses online which included Creative Chocolate and Confectionary innovation courses. ” Having a family network truly assists with supporting you through all the difficulties.”
Set up like Kashmir it was hard to track down assets and instruments required so they needed to import fundamentals from Australia and Mumbai. The fixings utilized are still generally significant from outside state and even some from abroad.
“Chocolate perks you up. The taste, smell, and surface animates and advantages the mind. This is a concealed method to spread and offer satisfaction to individuals.”

Farzana and Fozia state that, they have and need to progress significantly and with an end goal to keep on developing, and to change. Loads of extraordinary things are appearing and numerous to travel. We are happy with what we are doing and trust our locale will keep supporting us on route !
They even have the proposal from Bangalore to come there and new company yet they need to remain back in Kashmir as Kashmir is their first most need. “We are not doing this just for cash we need to remain back in Kashmir and contribute here in our mom land. ”
Notwithstanding being Halal they got more reaction from non-Muslim people group uncommonly Sikhs in Kashmir. They even have purchasers from Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and so forth Indeed, even Kashmiri Pandits living outside state have become their glad clients.


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