“Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learnt the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learnt anything”.

Parley hundreds of people circadian, when you have immensely occupied itinerary makes you unquestionably worn-out of life. It is extremely requisite to have a person who will clasp your arm and assist you to always countenance challenges of life with grandeur. A Friend is a person accomplished of adoring irrespective of whether he is being loved or not. Friendship can draw breath between the same sex: man-man, woman-woman, or opposite sex: man-woman. It transcends age and could subsist between even an old man and a small boy. Hominid also get going friendships with their pet animals like cats, dogs, horses, doves and parrots. Friendship can also be felt in familial relationships between father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife, brother and sister, elder brother and younger brother. Yet, more than friendship, love is the binding force in familial relationships. In a deeper sense, love is below friendship because it is an above/below relation, one of hierarchy and condition. It is implied, then, that friendship is freedom plus equality. It involves choice and volition. The concept of friendship needs exploration because often a man is known by the company he keeps; knowing the company helps one to know oneself and develop his personality to the fullest. Each of our friends mirrors a rejected or acknowledged trait in us. They happen to be our friends because it is ourselves in different forms, and a unified vision of them constitutes to the sameness of our identity. Generally, friendship exists for three reasons: a) virtue b) usefulness c) pleasure. When virtue is the reason, friendship exists for the sake of friendship; where both like each other and cherish each other for some creditable values in the other’s personality. You wish to be the friend of that person for the sheer personality that he/she has. It has a magic in itself. It attracts you and it is mutual. You know that you would even die to swear your friendship for that person. But you also know that the other would make you live than die for him/her. It is somewhat platonic in concept inasmuch as the other may not be/need not be all that intelligent and good looking, useful or capable of giving pleasure. Going through my own life, I came up from very harsh situations overloaded with negativity, who had lost faith on people. I was looking for a change in me with a positivity. Once, I went to a very beautiful garden, I saw a sunflower symbolising strength and wishing me a good luck for my new journey. I was so amaze by getting these signals from such a garden, which was considered Ill-omen by my people. It started to affectionate me and I got an instinct to be with it forever. I started to feel companion in the solitude of those bleakness roads. I started to share with it the story of my failures, the journey of those harsh winters, the day to day things and I believed to get remedy from it, which will disappear negativity from my mind and I once again glorify like what I was shining in the past. It oozes a faith of nature in my soul and made me believe in changes of nature. My mentality for it suddenly changed and I begin to recognise angel in it. I felt like as I am divinely connected with this flower that is acting as my fortune. It not only influenced me with its positivity and strength but also constructed a permanent mark of deep love in my heart.

A friend is not one who hold you when you are having luxuries and comforts, but a friend is one who assists you when you are full of hardships. Friendship is a golden thread that connects two hearts to beautify the life. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or new friends, but there must be proximity and attractiveness, an inquisition of care and togetherness. My friendship with sunflower is quite new but I find the bond of divinity in it.



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