Who Is Social Worker

Who Is Social Worker

The more we listen about anything then it seems that it is reality and we see in our society there are a lot of social workers especially on social media, everyone has become the social worker. Are they really social workers, how a person becomes a social worker in few days, is there any way to become a social worker and what actually social work is? Nowadays we are monitoring that a lot of people are claiming that they are Social workers. Most of them are Political workers but they are still claiming that they are social workers because they want to convey the message that they are working for the welfare of society and hence they are social workers, which is totally wrong and baseless as they are social servants not social workers. Social work is a professional field and to become a social worker, one needs to have professional degree in social work. The degree may be BSW or MSW. This is totally injustice with the field of social work that everyone will claim that they are social workers without having the knowledge of this professional subject. This subject has lost its identity due to the reason that every political worker and other non-professionals called themselves as Social workers. Why is this happening, have social workers claimed ever that we are doctors, engineers, lawyers, journalists, etc. Another challenge is that members or workers of NGO are labelled as social workers, it is not necessary that every member of NGO will be social worker. Those who don’t have the degree of social work can be social servants but they can never be social workers. Social has its own ways of working with people while-as social service can do anyone. If we will see in the foreign countries there is proper licenses for the professional social worker but unfortunately in our country when a person will not be capable to do anything and it is the easy way for them to be self-styled social worker. This directly have the impact on this profession and then it lacks public recognition.

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Public recognition of any profession depends upon the factors which could be attributed to it by the society. The society feels worth of profession on the roles played by professions but unfortunately self-styled social workers came into politics and then people recognise it by being the worker of political party sometimes. And public still associates it with charity and the persons who engage themselves in these activities are called social workers. But this concept is baseless, there is a lot of difference between Social work, charity, philanthropy, social service, social reform, social welfare, humanitarian work, etc. Now if we will talk about actually what the social work is. According to Fink, Social work is the provision of services designed to aid individuals, singly or in group in coping with present or future social and psychological obstacles that prevent or are likely to prevent, full or effective participation in society. Another definition of Social work by Friedlander as says that Social work is a professional service, based on scientific knowledge and skills in human relations, which assist individuals, alone or in groups, to obtain social and personal satisfaction and independence.

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Now I want to say those self-styled social workers, what is your role in this profession? In social work there is client system and who is your client and what you have done for your client, what kind of relation you have with your client. Which therapies you have provided to your client, what method you have used, what are the methods, tools, techniques you will use while working with people. These are the questions you have to answer before you claim as a social worker. We are respecting individual freedoms but they should also think about this that they are using wrong tittle for themselves. This is need of hour that people should know that what actually social work is and who can be called as social worker. If you are serious to know about this profession, there is department of it in University of Kashmir and you can get material and information about this subject from there. This takes a lot of struggle and hard work to get a tittle and better is to work for it than to get this tittle in free without knowing about this. This is emerging profession and I hope that very soon it will reach everywhere in the country and people in reality will come to know that who is the Social worker.


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