Promotion Avenues in Education Department

Promotion Avenues in Education Department

In Education department there are four types of official/officers who perform their duties for smooth functioning of different offices /Schools. These officials /officers includes class fourth employees, ministries staff, teaching staff and officers. Class fourth employees includes peon, safaiwala, chowkidar, orderly, lab bearer, library beater, gasman, gardener, book keeper, attendants, malies, ground coolies, waterman, Chairman, fresher’s and packers. Ministerial staff includes Junior Assistant, Senior Assistant, Account Assistant, Lib Assistant, Jr Librarian, Librarian, head Assistant and section officer. Now teaching staff includes teacher, master and Lecturer. Appointment of teachers is made by direct selection and also by promotion from Laboratory Assistant having qualification of 10+2 and above. Appointment of masters is made through promotion of trained graduate/postgraduate teachers with minimum three year teaching experience as teachers.

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As far appointments of Lecturers is concerned fifty percent posts of Lecturers are filled up by direct recruitment by making selection of postgraduate candidates from the open market through public service commission and remaining fifty percent posts are filled up through departmental promotion committee by making promotion of Masters who would have passed post-graduation in a relevant subject from recognised University and if Master would not be available then by making promotion of postgraduate teacher with minimum three year experience teacher. Now officers includes Headmaster of high School, Zonal Education planning officer, Zonal Education officer , principal of higher Secondary Schools, Chief Education officers and joint Director of School Education.
As far appointments of headmasters is concerned, master are promoted as in charge headmaster then in charge headmaster are promoted as in charge zonal Education officers. As far appointment of principals is concerned it is also made in two way. Eighty percent posts of principals are filled up by making promotion of senior Lectures as in charge principal and twenty percent posts are filled up by making promotion of in charge zonal Education officers as principal. There after principals are promoted as in charge chief Education Officers then in charge Chief Education officers are promoted as in charge joint Directors. This indicates that imagism is affecting the smooth and proper functioning of the most important department to a great extent.

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Last time regularization orders of in charge officers of the all the cadres of principals and above were issued by the Government of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir during the year 2007 but unfortunately since then more than thirteen years have lapsed but regularization orders have not been issued by the Govt in favour of officers placed as In charge of various higher posts in their own pay and grade with charge allowance as admissible under rules.
Due to delay in this regularization process many officers who may be at the verge of their retirement are severely discouraged because such officers have observed that many of their similarly situated colleagues or seniors to them have retired when they were still working in in charge capacity and many have breathed their last when they were also working in the in charge capacity. A very strange situation becomes of the families of members of such officers who have breathed their last when they had been working in the in charge capacity in one cadre or the other. The strange situation is because of the reasons that in some case when there is no any educated family member in the family of such officers who would have no knowledge of procedures to be followed or documents to be attached with the files required for their regularizations. In this way family members of such deceased officers suffer a lot for want of regularization or getting sanctioned other retrial benefits of their family head who was the only bread earner in their family.

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Another aspect worth consideration in this regard is that when some post(s) have been created for different Schools or offices then filling up all such posts is necessary for smooth and proper functioning of all Schools or offices. When post of teaching staff especially posts of Maters or Lecturers would be vacant then studies of the students will be affected badly which will have a bad effect on the career of students who are future of our country or the Nation. In order to churn out capable , efficient and competent candidates for serving the society in future in different departments it is necessary that for the smooth and proper functioning of all Schools may be made possible by filling up all the vacant posts of teaching staff. Besides it is well said that as is the head so is the School and for managing smart work from all the staff of a School or an office it is necessary that Head of the Institution or office would be posted in each School or office.
Now when an incumbent or an officer is promoted to a higher cadre post then a new hope, interest or desire of working is created in his mind with more commitment with dedication and devotion .His ability, capacity and capability also increase manifold. He also gets an opportunity of making use of his experience for the smooth functioning of a School or an office when he would have been promoted to a higher post .From this point of view promotion of incumbents or officers is also necessary.

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In pursuance to service Law pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme court of India placement of an officer to look after duties or responsibilities of high post in his own pay and grade is not functional promotion but it is temporary arrangement to run the higher institution or office.
Now from the facts mentioned above it become quite clear that in the interest of the students, Society and the Nation it is necessary that all the available existing posts of officers teaching or higher may be filled up at the earliest for the smooth functioning of various Schools or officers and in order to provide sufficient promotion avenues to all the incumbents of School Education Department.
This can be done by implementing SRO : 166 of 2005 dated:14-06-2005 in pursuance to which school Education department can refer the vacancies to the Public service commission or departmental promotion committee as the case may be at least twice a year preferably in month of January and July every year and can also take necessary steps for having the meeting convened .In the this regard a rosters have already been fixed by public service commission for different departments and if the above mentioned SRO is implemented in letter and spirit then this genuine and important issues can be resolved once for all. Moreover Adhoc- ism would also come to an end when this SRO will be implemented and sufficient number of promotion avenues would also be created for all the incumbents of School Education Department. Not only will this but implementation of this SRO pave the way for creation of new posts for selection of unemployed educated youths.

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The purpose of writing this article is to apprise Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir , worthy Advisor in charge of School Education Department and Administrative Secretary School Education Department by publishing this article in this esteemed newspaper that SRO :166 dated 14-06-2005 may kindly be implemented so that all the officers can be regularized and more and more promotion avenues can also be created for all the officers of this most important department which churns out all the employees for smooth functioning of all other departments .This will be great step towards the proper development of Nation.


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