Muslim Brotherhood: Identity of Real Muslim….!

Muslim Brotherhood: Identity of Real Muslim….!

In the entire world Hassan ul Bannah’s movement is the most powerful in terms of representation of lucid Deen, endurance on the Invitation basis, utmost comprehensiveness and most effective in the whole including Arab world as well. Islamic History witnesses its faithfulness, sincerity and hardships at every path of Islam. The Most effective movement in this era and the people who are followers of this Tehreek movement are still facing hardships, humiliation and tyranny in purpose of Dheen. Many have witnessing their faith in heaven and earth also. The way they have endured the tyranny of great alpine executioners and oppressors, didn’t relinquish their faith and the way elucidation of Islam. The way they were tortured in prisons and held there for more than two, three decades but haven’t compromised ever on the Islam. Their skins were torn half, and some were abolished awaking but despite such humiliation and tyranny policy didn’t show a bit a loose grip towards mission of Islam. This really reminds the verses of QURAN.

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“Do the people think that they will be left alone after they have once said, “We have believed,” and they will not be tested?
When this thing was said, the conditions prevailing in Makkah were extremely trying. Whoever accepted Islam was made a target of tyranny and humiliation and persecution. If he was a slave or a poor person, he was beaten and subjected to unbearable tortures; if he was a shopkeeper or artisan, he was made to suffer economic hardships, even starvation; if he was a member of an influential family, his own people would tease and harass him in different ways and make life difficult for him. This had created an atmosphere of fear and fright in Makkah, due to which most people were afraid of believing in the Holy Prophet although they acknowledged him to be a true Prophet in their hearts; and some others who believed would lose heart soon afterwards and would submit and yield to the disbelievers when they confronted dreadful persecutions. Though these trying circumstances could not shake the determination of the strong-willed Companions, naturally they also were sometimes overwhelmed by an intense feeling of anxiety and distraction. An instance of this is found in the tradition of Hadrat Khabbab bin Arat, which has been related by Bukhari, Abu Da’ud and Nasa’i. He says, “During the time when we had become sick of our persecution by the mushriks, one day I saw the Holy Prophet sitting in the shade of the wall of the Ka`bah. I went up to him and said, `O Messenger of Allah, don’t you pray for us!’ Hearing this his face became red with feeling and emotion, and he said, `The believers who have gone before you had been subjected to even greater persecutions. Some one of them was made to sit in a ditch in the earth and was sawed into two pieces from head to foot. Someone’s joints were rubbed with ironcombs so as to withhold him from the Faith. By God, this Mission will be accomplished and the time is not far when a person will travel without apprehension from San`a’ to Hadramaut and there will be none but Allah Whom he will fear.” In order to change this state of agitation into forbearance, Allah tells the believers, “How one can become worthy of Our promises of success in the world and the Hereafter merely by verbal profession of the Faith, but every claimant to the Faith will have to pass through trials and tribulations so as to furnish proof of The truth of his claim. Our Paradise is not so cheap, nor our special favours in the world so low-priced, that we should bless you with all these as soon as you proclaim verbal faith in us. The vial is a pre-requisite for them. You will have to undergo hardships for our sake, suffer losses of life and property, face dangers, misfortunes and difficulties; you will be tried both with fear and with greed; you will have to sacrifice everything that you hold dear for our pleasure, and bear every discomfort in our way. Then only will it become manifest whether your claim to faith in us was true or false. This thing has been said at every such place in the Qur’an where the Muslims have been found placed in hardships and difficulties and obsessed by fear and consternation. In the initial stage of life at Madinah, after the migration, when the Muslims were in great trouble on account of economic hardships, external dangers and internal villainy of the Jews and the hypocrites, Allah said: “Do you think that you will enter Paradise without undergoing such trials as were experienced by the believers before you? They met with adversity and affliction and were so shaken by trials that the Prophet of the time and his followers cried out, `when will Allah’s help come?’ (Then only they were comforted with the good tidings 🙂 “Yes, Allah’s help is near!”‘ (Al-Baqarah: 214). Likewise, when after the Battle of Uhud, the Muslims again confronted a period of afflictions, it was said: “Do you think that you will enter Paradise without undergoing any trial? Whereas Allah has not yet tried you to see who among you are ready to lay down their lives in His way and who will show fortitude for His sake. Allah in these verses has impressed on the Muslims that trial is the touchstone by which the pure and the impure are judged. The impure is turned aside by Allah and the pure is selected so that Allah may honour them with His favours which the sincere believers only deserve.

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Exactly same are the conditions now on Muslim brotherhood, they too witness such humiliation and conditions but they remain steadfast and rigid in explaining and invitation deen as those Companions did in the early period of Makkah. Those very companions of Islam , who remain on Islam in the early period give clear indication of , as they are real followers of Islam , so those very humiliation didn’t halt them exactly Muslim brotherhood is in this world , they don’t feel discomfort and low while representation of dheen and Islam.
The founder of this Movement has been imprisoned for about 60 years without any authority but still remain as the powerful representer of Islam in entire world. The motive of their mission is to correct society with correct belief, correct thinking, correct morals and the founder is accepted my whole world as the reformer of Islam…
From every corner of the world , this Respective organisation hold its pious and faithful followers , among them Syed Abul Hassan Nadwi also has alliance , while The founder was martyred by the oppresors , He visited Egypt and got acquainted about this organisation. According to Him Syed Nadwi” there is no other strong believer in the world who is so well acquainted of Islam and extended his statement “He who loves them is a Believer and he who hates them is a Hypocrite.”” Also Syed Abul Hassan Nadwi revealed I have been 3 years in the Riyadh, meeting many people of all ages all over world. But these organisation people were trained properly by the Deen concepts of deen Islam and connected to the congregational prayers, Necessary and extra Fasting’s, Tahajudd Prayers, Remembrance and supplications for Ummah and Islamic invitation, and are intended and filled with implementation of Islam. This is the testimony that I’m giving to Allah. Every Monday and Thursday, they fast and perform Tahjjud prayers. And they aren’t ready for any shortcomings in the Islam of Allah and are truly in the struggle for the implementations of Islam. For this they are sacrificing their lives and legacies. And a faction of there, they are protecting Gaza from the humiliations Israel. They are Protecting “Bitul makdis ” by Sacrificing their precious lives.
Muslim brotherhood is not just a party but the blessing of Almighty. Through which Islam is scattering without elasticity.

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So one movement or organisation which has bearded and sacrificed so much humiliations and tyranny for the representation of Islam, will they be called as terrorists. In actual sense, the intension of the Saudis has changed that’s why they feel so. On this intention sir Iqbal’s remind in mind.

“Tha Jo ‘Na-Khoob’ Batadreej Wohi ‘Khoob’ Huwa
Ke Ghulami Mein Badal Jata Hai Qoumon Ka Zameer

What was so evil has by steps put on the shape of good and fine,
In state of bondage, as is known, the shift of conscience is quite sure.”
Actually Saudis are slavers of the west, due to self-benefits and profits , they bow down at them regularly and with this Bowing it totally changed the intention of interior , that’s why they are able to call Them so.


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