Green gold conservation; a grave concern

Green gold conservation; a grave concern

To begin with great message” if u go to a desert you will hear this mysterious Voice, be wise, protect your forest

__Mehnet Morat Ildan”

Conservation and management of green gold is inevitable and its importance can be understood by the fact that forests serve as a factory of oxygen and various important natural resources. Conservation of green gold means preservation and protection of forests, also involves reversal of deforestation and environmental pollution. In conservation of green gold everyone has a role .mere establishment of forest dept. Is not enough, strict laws, accountable system and special acts/ provisions may prove fruitful in conservation of green gold. Whole system deals with forests should be overhauled only then desired results can be expected. Govt established forest dept. and huge number were recruited for conservation and protection of forests but unfortunately due to outdated provisions they themselves are involved in harmful practices so far forest cover is concerned. There should be ‘Check and balance system ‘so that any official involved in illegal practices can be trapped. There should be voluntary committee for every forest compartment for conservation of green gold. Who is not aware what is happening in rural areas, how officials of forest dept. sale trees illegally, officials deployed for conservation are involved in destruction.
May dept. answer few questions? Who has authorized any official to sale trees illegally, when timber, wood etc. is being seized by police or through other means, where officials of that particular comport were. Forest official are deployed for conservation and protection it’s their duty to watch round the clock for conservation of green gold so that no harm is done to forests. When trees are sold illegally and thereafter officials in order to hide their theft case set fire to remaining part of sold tree, later in order to divert attention news is being circulated that fire caught forest .there should be strict law regarding involvement of officials in destruction of forests so that no one can even think to harm forests.

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Also special provisions can prove fruitful for instance “Govt. should setup special compartment of forest and in those compartments there should be complete ban on entrance of any person .these should be fenced on all sides and play cards with ‘ban on entry’ to be installed on every side . There is no doubt people have needs like firewood, construction wood ,for that purpose some compartment to be demarcated but should be properly managed .if deforestation continues then that day is no far when we will face multiple problems” . Apart from satisfying needs especially in rural areas there should be complete ban on cutting of immature/ young trees.
Afforestation; the best practices towards conservation of forests is afforestation we should plant more and more trees.

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“Even if I knew tomorrow world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple trees _ Martin Luther. Chinese proverb “The best time to plant a tree was 20 year ago and second best time is now” if every year every person will plant at least one tree , within couple of years we can solve several problems for instance soil erosion can be controlled through afforestation. Forest also reduce air pollution. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from air, which is main pollutants of pollution”” forest are lungs of our land, purifying air and giving fresh strength to our people_ Franklin Roosevelt
Human wild conflicts can be avoided by afforestation. 70 %of land animals and plants species live in forest due to loss of habitat by deforestation, wild animals come out towards villages results in wildlife and human confrontation. Deforestation is main reason behind increased greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Keeping in view all above facts we can recognise importance of afforestation as well as conservation and management of forests.
Let’s pledge that we will plant at least one tree every year .it’s doesn’t require any degree diploma or legal sanction to plant tree. Together we can save this planet.


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