People should made politicians answerable for whatsoever they have done in past: Adv Irfan Lone

People should made politicians answerable for whatsoever they have done in past: Adv Irfan Lone



Baramulla, Nov 20 : Advocate Irfan Hafeez Lone and DDC election candidate from Sangrama constituency said that people from Kashmir who have voted for politicians should make them answerable for whatsoever they have done in past.

Talking to Kashmir Despatch, he said, “If people would have made leaders of Kashmir answerable to every situation. The situation couldn’t have been worse since abrogation of Article 370, last year”.

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He added, “In 1960’s when position of Sadre Riyasat was revoked and had people made leaders at that point answerable situation could have been otherwise too but it didn’t happen”.

“In parliament, Home Minister Amit Shah said there is Right To Education, Right To Information in Jammu and Kashmir and our Members of Parliament could have said to Home Minister that you are lying and would have counter the argument, but they couldn’t”, he added.

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“My point is that politicians should have focused on restoring the position of 1953, Article 370 and Article 35A and voters would have made them answerable and yes I am against exploitive politics, where politicians would hijack Hurriyats agenda to gain vote bank”, he said.

He adde that I believe those who are in politics can’t stay away from electoral politics till resolution of Kashmir is passed. If there are right to vote and people are voting un huge number and linking that Kashmir issue is not right. People vote for electricity, jobs and other local issues and I urge locals to come forward and vote for their betterment.


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