I feel proud on my native village – Qaimoh

I feel proud on my native village – Qaimoh

Qaimoh is a block, a tehsil and a well known area of district Kulgam and specifically known as the birth place of the Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA) in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is 7 Km to the west of Anantnag and 9 Km to the north of Kulgam District. It is 55 km to the south of Srinagar city.
Most of people are well known about the name Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA), the most respected Saint of kashmir and is supremely popular in the masses. He is known by different names like Alamdar-i-kashmir, Sheikh-ul-Aalam and Nund Reshi.
Birth of Sheikh-ul-Aalam in my native village called Qaimoh make me to feel proud.He was born in the year 779 A.H. (AD 1377). on the day of Eid-ul-Azha.

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The ancestors of Sheikh-Ul-Alam was from Kishtwar . His father’s name was Sheikh Sala-ud-din and his mother Sadra, was called Sadra Moji or Sadra Deddi. It is said that when Sheikh Noor-ud-din was born, he did not take his Mother’s milk .Then Lalle Arifa suddenly came to their house and gave him milk. Another great influence on him was that of Sayed Hussain Simnani who was living in kashmir itself. Sheikh-Ul-Alam was a regular visitor of Simnani. Who taught him to the fundamentals of Islam. Sheikh-Ul-Alam appears to have married Zai Ded from Dadasara in Tral.
The shrine of Sheikh-ul-alam is located on the left side of the Yaripora road in Qaimoh area of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. There are School, Jammah Masjid Shariff, Darul Aloom and a pious pond, locally known as Mash Naag in the vicinity of Ziyarat Shariff.

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We need to know the stories of Sheikh Noor-ud-din (RA) to give meaning to our lives. He had provided a sense of identity and maintained a sense of belonging to all the people of World. The life of people in Kashmir valley, especially the general customs and beliefs of a different groups of people at any particular time have been changed tremendously. Majority of people are reflecting the intrests and beliefs of richer Class to look powerful and superior in a society. The pure and inherited tradition of Kashmir cultural is found dying as people are loosing intrests in local things . The truth is that the ideologies of people are changing with the passage of time. Sheikh Noor-ud-din is such a spiritual personality who focused on the cultural aspects of Kashmir valley. During his lifetime, he witnessed much change in the valley, from Hinduism to Islam. Various historical events helped to shape his mind in such a manner that he produced some works of philosophy, in his own manner of verses and poetry.
Sheikh ul-Alam was deeply affected by such events and this is apparent in his verses. Sheikh Noor-ud-din’s life has impressed the Kashmiri people. He used his poetry as tool to spread the knowledge of absolute . His poetry is commonly known as Shrukhs. One of his most famous and Often quoted couplets is (Kashmiri:”Ann poshi teli yeli wann poshi”) meaning ‘Food will last as long as forests last’ . He was, he is and he will be remembered all the times. He tried to eliminate the different evils in a society by his quotes and sayings.

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He yearned for a society on moral values. He was concious about the defects of society in which he lived.There are many anecdotes associated with the life and doings of Noor-ud-din which not revealed his disapproval of the established social customs, but also provide ample evidence of medieval society of Kashmir. His thoughts proved a great source of inspiration for thousands of people. The method adopted by him is still the most valuable and effective, filling the people with faith and enthusiasm. His aim was to reform the society in accordance with the tenants of Islam. His thoughts is relevant for all times and is must read. His message was not confined to one race or one class but addressed to mankind as a whole. He belonged to the universe. He expressed his thoughts in a simple way. Allusions to his sayings and verses both by muslims and non-Muslims of Kashmir are quite common even today and have become almost proverbial. In this way he and his sayings have great impact.

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He felt disgusted with the ways of the world, and, deciding upon renunciation, retired to caves for meditation at the age of thirty. It is said that he lived for twelve years in the wilderness. The cave is located in a small village Guffabal of block Qaimoh. Hence, perhaps, Qaimoh is given the derivation of kai-wan (or ban, a forest) in rustic belief.
The actual cave of contemplation is present in Qaimoh and is about 15 feet deep. In his last days, he is claimed to have sustained life on one cup of milk daily. Finally, he reduced himself to water alone, and died at the age of 63, in the reign of sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, in 842 A. H. The Ziyarat Shariff of Sheikh Noor-ud-din at Qaimoh, is visited by pilgrims to the present day.


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