Even Rising Rape Cases Couldn’t One Religious Sects

Even Rising Rape Cases Couldn’t One Religious Sects


“What was so evil has by steps put on the shape of good and fine:
In state of bondage, as is known, the shift of conscience is quite sure.”

Sir Mohammed Iqbal

From past few weeks our valley is enticement into another and de-moral predicament that’s Rising Rapes. Before this such heinous crimes was in a bit control but now this ordinance show good germination or cultivation. Even religious communities are not of one mind on this heinous ordinance. Our society may be deeply religious, but though the religious parties make a great song and dance towards these concerns, they have no intention whatsoever of allowing.

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People to think or make up their own minds. As rape is not new crime in valley or an ultramodern crime. It has long post wailing stories and many dolorous episodes either with uniform or without. In this whole script we will not go towards past. We will just aware ourselves from latest attempts and surging. Every mind is in high cerebration, what causes it and what provokes it. As we belong to that very Religion whose teachings are not only safe guard to us but shield to whole humanity as well. So whatever is be mentioned in our religion, Islamic scriptures are highly protective for these crimes and will definitely clasp cases is very suitable and most successful manner. So , if any one among any community or Religion will adopt Islamic teachings , He / she will definitely find himself / herself in the safe zone and one who will not will become victim not a bit possibility for safe. There are large number of Reasons through which Rape is provoked but most brisk is Dressing of Girls and Eyes of Boys.

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As our Glorious Qur’an sharply mentioned, And enjoin believing women to cast down their looks and guard their private parts and not reveal their adornment except that which is revealed of itself, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their husbands, or their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or of their own sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or the sons of their brothers, or the sons of their sisters, or the women with whom they associate, or those that are in their bondage, or the male attendants in their service free of sexual interest, or boys that are yet unaware of illicit matters pertaining to women. Nor should they stamp their feet on the ground in such manner that their hidden ornament becomes revealed. Believers, turn together, all of you, to Allah in repentance that you may attain true success.
The foregoing verse mentioned in the Quran clearly depicts, our women section has to follow these instructions very disciplinary and in strict manner. If there will be a bit loose grip in any Rule of this verse , autonomously she will Provoking male section because in them males there may also be few who doesn’t even show good coordination towards there gaze and eyes , ultimately crime may spot. With going months into years and hours into days our society is taking much and enough teaching from Western culture which they denote as Development or fashion, but unfortunately we lost mind at that time we can’t remember our Modesty and Esteem which Almighty has bestowed upon all women. That very fashion is always of such profile which not Only shows private parts of women but many times makes them nude, which activates the male once He peeps and Allah Protect crime may occur. It was good if it became extended up to that very victim but unfortunately it creates environ, as Environ shapes our new generations and we find daily crimes. So, it’s mandatory and necessary for every woman to lower your gaze and the dressing system in which Islam mentioned for your, you have to adopt that definitely. As our Religious scriptures and teachings are suitable and respectable for you. So dears Apt that.

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The way Islam has mentioned teachings for female in dressing or lowering gaze in the same manner Islam has mentioned teachings for men also. It is mentioned in the Holly Qur’an, Enjoin believing men to cast down their looks and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely Allah is well aware of all what they do. So, men are asked to lower their eyes. Of what type dressing does a woman possess, if He had lowered his eyes then the Prone Fellow many not fall in trap. Men shouldn’t think that , I will enjoy and will take taste of such jargon and heinous crime but they should also think , today you will enjoy , you will feel pain when tomorrow your mother, sister, or wife fall into trap . So it’s utmost important for them to adopt and follow teachings of Islam. The common lesson for both the sections is, either elders should convey them teachings of ethics and morals or younger should provoke them for talking. Elders should spend time with their young buds both girls and boys for the disciplines of Islam. With this they will definitely find a good way to eradicate such crimes.

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Our religious communities should unite on this issue to take such steps and activate such forums which will aware every section of the society about this evil and its causes. They should give such lessons which will teach importance of dressing and social life for both sections of the community. It’s utmost mandatory for them to start such campaigns which will actively make things clear about dressing and lowering gaze and convey lessons esteem and modesty given by ALLAH. The most imperative thing which doesn’t stop these crimes is punishment. Its suitable punishment has been mentioned in our Religion so whoever will execute such heinous crime should be given as punishment mentioned in Quran, without that no one will get rid from this because other punishments which are manmade stated for this will not lesson others. So whoever will do crime, he should be given alike punishment mentioned in Quran. Most importantly our Juvenile youths either boys or girls should be self-motivated for this ordinance and jargon thinking. They have to play pivotal rule in aligning the thinking of Western thoughts. They should themselves regret about Western culture and entertainment. As Allama Iqbal rightly said,
“Magrib ki Tarah jaavoo gey Tou dhoob jaavoo gey…”

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This very deep grievances is the mandatory and imperative for Ulemass of this nation. They should have started campaigns and workshops for the awareness of our society and civilization but unfortunately they are busy in accessing Discuss and Munaziras on those topics which have less or no importance in Islam. They should have started programs and projects in schools, colleges and other vicinities were congestion of juveniles may be lot. They should have started gatherings and seminars for the awareness. But unfortunately we are far away from these entreaties, so it comes on the shoulders of parents and all Juveniles please remain accessible aware about these crimes.



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