Behaviour problems in youth. What measures are needed to mend them!?

Behaviour problems in youth. What measures are needed to mend them!?

What is Behaviour?
Behaviour is the way of talking or a person behaves to a particular situation. Behaviour means manners (way of talking). Manners are the external decoration of man or a good qualities which endear us to others. A good moral character is also included in good manners. Usually, when parents advise their children they talk rudely and insult them. Rudeness and insolence are the signs of bad manner. I saw the most problem in youth. In early days it said, “Old days are golden days “when a children mistaken and when a parent punished them they happily accepted it. Some youth feels no respect for elders. They always disappoint others. Good manners are not inborn. They are acquired from school, college and social surroundings. Students spend most of the time in the school. A teacher may interact with the student in their class Teachers taught students how to respect the elders, how to talk to parents. But this generation the students is at home because of the pandemic situation.

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The young person also will become corrupt, if they grow up in a bad family atmosphere. Or bad friends like drinking wine, smoking etc. most the children treat their parents rudely, shout them. In my opinion, youth should learn things from elders. If parents and teachers are well behaved children will be likewise. They stand for polite behaviour, courtesy, good conduct and graceful gestures. Family and school should take care more about children, try to understand the individual of teenagers. They also educate youth in another way. Manner play a very important part in human life. “Manners are the happy ways of doing things”. An ill-mannered man offends everybody and creates resentment around him. A man should respect the elders and the youngsters. Manners are closely linked with discipline. Discipline is necessarily in the narrow domestic life. Children must be disciplined when they are under the care of their parents. Childhood is the seed-time of the future man. In many situations I saw most the youth demand parents to buy a phone, car, scooter etc. Some parent can’t effort the expensive phones but children force their parents this is also a reason some youth shout their parents and insult them. Parents always want the best for our children. No one can love you as much as parents do. The World can betray you except your parents. It does not matter whether we are in school, street or home. It is possible for us that we should respect the elders. I advise parents in some situation understand your children and show them the right path from birth. Children also understand their parents in some situations. Difficult time come and we have to face them.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
~ Og Mandino


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