Are exams having some sort of unpredictability?

Are exams having some sort of unpredictability?

Whether JKSSB or any other recruiting agency in Jammu and Kashmir both have different levels and scale of recruiting the candidates in different fields in order to bridge the gap of unemployment of the qualified youth. In these exams each candidate has to submit his/her form for fulfilling all requisite academic details which are necessary to give for getting a chance to sit in the exams. After submitting forms for the notified posts by recruiting agencies or boards in Jammu and Kashmir can testify candidates on grades for cracking such kind of exams at state level. Every candidate put his/her best efforts for securing higher points which could save them from the dropping factor i.e. cut off. With bearing this alacrity to achieve maximum is a great potential of a candidate to ward off uncertainties before he/she may fall in the final list. We all care about falling from the success ladder which we don’t expect and have apprehensions about for the same. There are two categories of candidates in these exams. One category of candidates is burning candles in night to qualify these exams. Second category, they are born genius with high efficiency and having potential to crack any toughest exam with good points as they have good material in hand for preparing these exams. What is the difference in both the statements? Yes, it is differentiated that none of the candidate will mark the words that he/she is 100% sure for something good to happen before and after the exams. Indeed it is his/ her hard work and efficiency to bring out such level of confidence which compels him/her to speak out which is somehow predictable according to his/her rationality and the work he/she did before the exams.

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The opposite part of the same event is unpredictability which he/she does know what is going to happen on the day of exam and the day of announcement of the final results. Of course exams have different nature and unpredictability which may help us to win the game in first attempt but spectators are not physically watching this game in big crowds but they evolve after it becomes true to see those candidates who are in the final list. So we all are being testified in these exams but the level of excellence is different among the participants. We can’t judge a candidate in exams as everyone has different approach and strategies in cracking such exams. To me, I feel it is somehow a test to testify us in just only two hours rather how much material we have collected for preparing any exam of JKSSB. Yes, one thing is clear that preparation gives an edge to make it happen in our favour but knowledge and efficiency are the two different parameters which can’t be matched with the exams we crack to get succeed in. It is not my personal quote but it has been quoted by different thinkers and philosophers to make a clear distinction between the two things. But I am of the opinion that those candidate who work hard and having clear concepts would carve a niche in these exams.

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Exams are unpredictable making events to happen which have different nature to come across in our life when we have little awareness of this unpredictability. I clearly assert it that any candidate can score more points in these exams for which he was not sure before the exams as it depends upon the level of paper and the two hours in which he/she has to manage everything with an active sense. Though time is the factor of deciding your all worth of hard work and efficiency as it is something which needs to care a lot. So we should manage the time and make it worth but not to blame it at all. We all are well aware about that JKSSB has recently conducted PAA exam. I was also the candidate of this exam but when I reached to the examination center. I was not nervous about this exam and nothing anything wrong in my mind during the entire process. In one hour 26 minutes I completed General studies, Economics Statistics and Computer too. I had thoroughly read the questions in the first three sections only because I was serious for PAA exam. The remaining two sections i.e. Accountancy and science which were easy to tackle in half an hour. Being a science student I never scare of any question to be asked of science related in JKSSB exams either in Physics Chemistry Biology and Geography as well. But what happened after reviewing the answer key that was totally unpredictable for me and it has scaled down my good points when I had many negatives in science section which I was not expected in this exam. I hardly could bear the brunt of this exam that has totally distracted me to such an extent that I have never thought it in my life.


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