Advance Incentive increment and initial higher start

Advance Incentive increment and initial higher start

In pursuance to Govt order NO: 1315-Edu of 1973 dated 13-8-1973 one advance increment had been allowed to undergraduate teachers for passing graduation at their own expenses and also to a graduate teachers for passing master degree in related subject and to such Language teachers as passed the honour examination in the language taught by them in their respective scales of pay subject to fulfilment of the following conditions:
The teacher must have put in three years continuous service in the department before appearing in the examination.
The teachers must have sought permission of concerned Head of the institution before appearing in the examination. Such a benefit of advance increment was admissible to such teachers as had not been allowed the benefit of initial higher start or any other benefit or concession for same qualification.
In pursuance to Government order NO : 251-Edu of 1981 dated 14-02-1981 one incentive increment was admissible to teachers for acquiring higher qualification of post-graduation even they had already been given benefit of one advance increment for passing graduation under SRO: 807 of 1978 dated 26-12-1978 teachers, Masters , Lecturers , Headmasters, principals of Higher Secondary Schools , Tehsil Education officers , Additional Tehsil Education officers who had acquire Doctorate degree while in Service were allowed two advance increments .This had been deemed too had come into effect from the date of notification under reference . Further under Government order NO: 304-GR(Edu) of 1986 dated: 25-06-1986 there was a provision of one advance incentive increment in favour of such 10+2 Lecturers as had acquired the additional qualification of MPhil.
Under rule 12 of SRO: 149 of 1973 dated: 07-04-1973 there was a provision of initial higher start for government servants possessing higher qualification where in a teacher with BA was allowed two advance increments, a teacher with BA; B.Ed. was allowed three advance increments, a teacher with B.Sc was allowed three advance increments, a teacher with MA qualification was allowed 5 advance increments, a teacher with M.Sc. was allowed 6 advance increments. There was also provision of 4 advance increments in favour of teachers possessing Doctorate degree.
Under rule 10 of SRO: 91 9f 1982 dated : 22-03-1982 there had been same provision of initial higher start which was available under rule 12 of SRO: 149 of 1973 dated 07-04-1973 .Again under rule 10 of SRO 370 of 1987 dated 17-07-1987 provision of initial higher higher start had been continued for the Government recruited up to 01-04-1987 . Beside there had been also a provision of advance increments for the incumbents who had acquired some academic qualification during the in service period after seeking permission from the competent authority. The facts mentioned above reveal that provision of initial higher start/advance increment was operative up to 29-03-1992, which further reveals this provision had a good impact on the quality teaching or performance of duties by all such officials/officers. But it was unfortunate that government had made the said provision inoperative vide rule 8 of SRO: 75 of 1992 dated: 30-0-1992 for fresh recruits till such time fresh orders are issued in this behalf by the Government. The purpose of keeping the provision of advance increment or initial higher start operative prior to 30 -03-1992 was that acquiring of Higher academic qualification had good impact upon the quality teaching of all such officials/officers. In a circular dated 15-10-2004 Government has accepted that the enhancement of Academic qualification will have good impact upon the quality teaching of teachers /teaching guides engaged under Rehbar-e-Taleem scheme, Serva Shiksha Abhiyan including Education Guarantee Scheme who are desirous of improving their qualification. This indicates that still the good impact of enchantment of Academic qualification is acceptable and thus in order to inspire all the incumbents working in School Education for acquiring some more academic qualification provision of advance increment /initial higher start would also be made operative. Prior to 30-03-1992 all the incumbents along with the then College Lecturers (now Assistant professors) were getting both the benefits. Assistant professors are still getting initial higher start for M. Phil/Ph.D. but it has been made inoperative for the incumbents of School Education Department. Since nature of job and duties of teachers/Masters/Lecturers are same as are being performed by Assistant professors of Degree Colleges. Keeping in view importance of teaching profession of incumbents of School Education department and in the interest of equity and justice all the incumbent are entitled to get the benefit of advance increment and initial higher start for the Academic qualification over and above the minimum qualification acquired by them. Thus purpose of writing this article is to respectfully request to Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir , Hon’ble Advisor in charge of School Education and worthy Administrative Secretary School Education Department through the medium of this article by publishing it in this esteemed newspaper that provision of advance increment /initial higher start may kindly be made operative in the interest of students for proper functioning of School Education department and order to this effect may be issued at an earliest.


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