2G Internet And Online Classes

2G Internet And Online Classes

During this lockdown period which is imposed due to coronavirus or Covid-19. All the schools, colleges, other educational institutions and other departments are closed to ensure safety of students and other people. Students have to suffer a lot because of closure of schools and other institutions. So, the government and other associations have decided to teach the students online. They decided this method of online education so, that students should not face any difficulty or students should not undergo through any loss. But, in our Kashmir internet speed is low, we do not have 4G internet services available here due to some reasons. We only have 2G internet services available. And this internet speed does not make the online classes quite possible. Students have to suffer a lot while taking the online classes and teachers have to also suffer alot while giving the online classes. Now, let us talk about the children of poor families, who cannot even afford a single phone. They have to face extreme difficulties and problems. Concerned authorities should also keep those children in view because if the online classes will continue, some students will attend the online classes but other students could fail in giving the online classes because they don’t have phones, What will they do?. They would suffer a lot. They will be in a huge loss. Authorities must think of them also.

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From last few days, I have read some news from social media that, a father had committed suicide because his son forced him to buy a mobile phone. But his father was a labour and he couldn’t afford a mobile phone for his child but his son forced him and next day due to mental depression, he was found hanging in his room. Many similar cases are observed in the society these days. I request the concerned authorities to take necessary steps to educate these children also. Because they have full and equal right to education and are the future of this nation. Now, let me talk about the problems faced by me while taking the online classes. I face a lot of problems in taking the online classes but those problems are due to the unavailability of 4g internet. It has been now 12 straight months that we do not have 4g internet services and we have only low speed 2g internet here. I request the higher authorities to look also after the matter of 2g internet and take steps to restore 4g internet here. In the closing I want to say that it’s very much difficult for a student to avail education in such crisis going here in Kashmir due to which 4g internet is snapped and schools are closed.


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