Congress Says It’s Not Part Of PAGD, Rejects Amit Shah’s ‘Baseless Allegations’

Congress Says It’s Not Part Of PAGD, Rejects Amit Shah’s ‘Baseless Allegations’


Srinagar Nov 17: Congress on Tuesday refuted the “concocted and baseless” allegations levelled by Union Home Minister Amit Shat, says it was not part of PAGD.

In a statement issued to GNS, Congress said it strongly refuted the allegations leveled by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said that it was neither part of PAGD nor have participated in any of its meetings or deliberations. “Congress has entered seat sharing at certain places at local district level,” the party said.

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“Congress strongly condemned the propaganda and allegations of Amit shah and urged the later to refrain from doing such dirty politics,” reads the statement, adding, “BJP leaders are in habit of indulging in rumor mongering aiming to gain political mileage.”

“Eyeing DDC elections in J&K”, the party said Union Home Minister seems “desperate enough about the poll outcome which is certainly going to be unfavorable to BJP.” (GNS)


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