‘Massive crackdown against power misuse in valley’

‘Massive crackdown against power misuse in valley’

Chief Engineer says, ‘We will Register FIRs in power theft cases’


Srinagar, Nov 04: Alarmed by the mounting number of electricity theft cases in Srinagar and other parts of the valley, Chief Engineer Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) Wednesday said that it will register FIRs against those engaged in power theft.
“All those who resort to power pilferage will be heavily fined besides that FIRs will also be lodged where power theft grossly takes place, Chief Engineer Ajaz Ahmad told news agency KINS over phone.
Ajaz said the department had taken several measures to stop the misuse of electricity in the Valley. “We have formed various teams who are conducting inspections to stop power pilferage.
The top official said that the cases of power theft increase during the winter months, which leads to severe overloading of the distribution system at places, resulting in power cuts.
The Chief Engineer said that over the next few weeks raids will be carried in posh colonies in the city including other areas of the valley. “We have seen in the past that power thefts were  unearthed even in the posh colonies of Srinagar,” the official maintained.
There have been severe power cuts for the last few weeks and the phenomenon grows with each passing day.
“If people use electricity judiciously and pay as per the consumption then there won’t be power cuts,” the Chief Engineer maintained.
People have been complaining that the Power department have started massive power cuts in the valley.
Complaints are pouring in from metered areas where there are abrupt power cuts . “We witness frequent power cuts from the last one week. We are bound to get 24 hour electricity supply as per the rules but the power department often resorts to power cuts,” Mohammad Ayoub, a resident of Bemina said.
People said when meters were installed in their areas, the department had promised round-the-clock supply.
Instead of improving the power supply position, the authorities are blaming the people for the abrupt power cuts saying they were not using the electricity judiciously. (KINS)


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