Proper Role of Educated youths in the Development

Proper Role of Educated youths in the Development

Educated youth are back bone of the Society in the matter of development in every spehere of life. No one can deny the fact that Education is the most powerful  tool and ingredient which inculcates a number of values in a learner and such values make him a competent person there by enabling him to lead a happy and prosperous life. When these  values become active or properly functional then capability, capacity and efficiency of a person increases manyfold. His thinking power, decision making power and reasoning power increasea. In this way an educated person develops tolerance and patience. His motivation power and convincing power also increases and both  of which are the necessary values to deal with officers working in different department or with others who have to play some  role in the development in one way or the other.With the help of education a person can behave properly, act honestly and think wisely.

According to successful philosophy of life and proper behaviour an educated person must be affectionate upon all youngers to him, sympathetic to all those of equal age and must respect to all elders of the society ir-respective of  their cast creed, race, sect or religion. If behaviour of an educated person is not up to mark then he is required to review his education or he is required to make proper and justified  use of his education so that all the possible  requisite values get  inculcated  in him with the help of his education. An educated person is under obligation do justice with every one even with his enemies like Sun or rose because sun supplies light to all ir-respective of any thing .Similarly rose give equal and similar smell to all rich , poor , black , white , good ,  bad , honest or dishonest. It is only because of values as discussed above in details that a person can achieve any height in any field  in his life.

It must be known to every one that one can not get any desired thing prior to a fixed time and not more than his destiny. Knowledge of religious principles is also necessary for achieving some thing good or even doing some thing good. It is very good proverb that first deserve and then desire which indicates that every person must fix such a goal or he must struggle for doing such work which he can do easily as per his efficiency.

It has been observed that there are many persons in the society  who have intelligent quotient Or efficiency for a lower level post but they started struggle to achieve a post whic requires high IQ or higher efficiency as a result of which they fail  to achieve either of the two posts. Had such persons been given proper guidance then certainly they  would have achieved some thing best in consonance with their  efficiency and ability.

An  educated person  must focus on his  own talent , ability and destiny but all the well educated persons  must know it that one cannot become tall or one cannot achieve a desired height by standing on the shoulders of some one other. whatever in there in the destiny of some one  with the grace and blessing of Almighty  he will only get it that too   at a time fixed by Almighty but some one other will  never  get it under any circumstances. He will not get more than what is written by Omnipotent in his destiny.Now relatives are more important than a cadre, a rank or status because all these are for a limited  time period and relatives will stand with you in the hours of happiness or sorrows till your last breath . So an educated person must not break his relation with his relatives under any circumstance and he must also help others in maintaining proper relation with their relatives by  playing  his positive role  in giving proper-guidance   to others for dealing with  their relatives in a most sincere and  justified manner so that  their relations may not break.

It is not possible for any one to get what is not in his destiny or  what is  in destiny of others.Every  educated person must differentiate between right and wrong by making use of his own  mind and decision making power by listening to the voice of his conscience  .One must always try to do justice even with his enemies.If some knows the reality that what is right but decides contrary to it due to certain reasons  then on the day of Judgement he would be answerable before Almighty because he has  been blessed with his own decision making power which is purely for doing Justice with every one. when some one other indulge in doing injustice with you then being an educated person you must not indulge in qurell or dispute because this will prevent you from achieving desired beautiful goal of life. However a  peace  committee comprising of  some sincere senior citizents can be constituted  for deciding any untoward issue or for maintaining peace in the village, panchayat or area.

Every educated person must have sufficient ability in consonance with his qualification so that every Person including his friend ,relative and neighbours must know about him. To elaborate further it can be said that  a graduate must have more self confidence , efficiency, capability ,  competency , decision making power or ability of doing Justice than a matriculate . In view of these fact if a graduate who has been dominated by a matriculate in decision making or in doing justice then he is required to review his qualification  or he is required to seek help of some expert in improving his decision making power and be it known to such educated person that making wrong decision is insult of Education which is not permissible in constitution.

All the educated persons must have complete knowledge of the fact that only such work or profession can be suitable for their development or progress which  is with in  their  adaptability or suitability which have been blessed or graced  to them by Almighty  in a secret manner .Luckiest are those persons who choose or start such works or professions which are  suitable for them as per secret decision of nature .Only those persons will achieve excellency or maximum height and will gain maximum respect who would have been blessed by Almighty but it should be known to every one that by snatching respect of others one cannot become a  most respectable citizen of any area.

The most appropriate role that can be played by educated youths in brining peace in any area is to  make proper use of all  the values inculcated in them with the help of Education. Moreover peace would be possible when there is unity among all the people of any area . So for the proper development of Society all the educated youth must play their maximum positive role for maintaining unity , peace and prosperity  in their respective area .The educated youths can also play their role in controlling all such  situations which must hamper the peace due to one reason or the other .They can also provide guidance and counselling to the common people for maintaining peace and can make reconciliation among them when required .They can  elaborate the importance of unity and peace among the people .

All the educated youths must have sufficient knowledge of rules and norms and eligibility conditions required to be fulfilled for availing benefit of different development Schemes .

All educated youth must have complete knowledge of convincing and motivating the officers in a most respectable manner so that all such officers must execute different development Schemes for the betterment of such areas. By making hue and cry one cannot convice an officer for executing development work because some time  silence is more powerful than meaningless noise .

There are still some persons in some areas who have been working by using old dated , undemocratic and unconstitutional   methods which simply means throwing dust in the eyes of common people’s. Now people fully understand such persons  who create hindrance in the proper development are  not well wishers of Society. Thus educated persons must make it  clear to the so called well wishers of peoples that their methods are not acceptable to the people’s. Now people’s are aware of the facts that if  two persons intend to work for the betterment of the society then both must try at their own level to do some good work . This makes it apparent clear that one who create hindrance in execution of development work is hidden  enemy of peoples   . purpose of writing this article is to make aware all the educated youths in order to let them understand their proper role for the development and progress of the Society and then Nation.


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