Meet Sumyla Yaqoob – A Calligraphy Artist

Meet Sumyla Yaqoob – A Calligraphy Artist

Sumyla Yaqoob Hails from Dobiwan Village of Tangmarg in North Kashmir’s Baramulla District is an artist in Calligraphy.She has done her schooling from Tyndall Biscoe and Mallinson School in Tangmarg and then moved to Government higher secondary School Amira Kadal in Srinagar. Since birth she has liked to paintand as the time went, she started to participates in the painting Competition in her schooling days.
Basically, Sumyla is a Medical Student but she has no interest in medical subject but she is there because her parents want her to. It was on her parent’s insistence that she gave an entrance exam, but later she changed the stream and came into Arts field.
Sumyla Yaqoob has interest in painting and Sketches, writing but this was not what her parents wanted her to do.
In 2020, when COVID19 pandemic broke out in the World, Sumyla left painting and Sketching and came to the Calligraphy field and this was her First time to make Calligraphy and spend more time and got much interest in doing so.
Since then she never looked back and today she is known for her art.She is not letting her studies get effected. She studiesand makes Calligraphic art at same time.
Then she started uploading calligraphy design on social media which gets popular as well people show interest in buying them, This has come as surprize for her as she never expected that she would get such a response.
She makes Calligraphy with the help of Hamp, Ahar papers and pens made of bamboo. She scribbles Quranic verses, Names etc on it.
Her Family member especially,her parents are now supporting her. She had never imagined she would do what she is doing currently and what has come a surprize is people liking it.
Sumyla While exclusively talking with Kashmir Glacier said: “I am thankful to my Parents who supported me in in my journey. Obviously they wanted me to me in Medical field, but i was not interested in that andIchoose Calligraphy and see my Parents i can do what i wants and in which i have interest. They supported me alot in it.”
“I feel peace when i wrote Allah’s name and quran verses in Calligraphy and i want to live old KashmiriTradition in the field of Calligraphy. I am very happy people are buying my Calligraphy work or like it.I received number of order from different Parts of India and now i wants my work can go across the world,” she added.
She further said: “I used to make Calligraphy on free time in COVID 19 times when everybody ishome,and then i got more attention towards Calligraphy.Later, i Posted it on social Media and got much appreciation and positive response Which inspire me to make more and more.”
“Kashmir has huge talent but hasgot fewer platforms. The talent of Young ones is a waste as there is no platform where the youth can showcase their talent,” she said.


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