I Faced I Suffered I Tolerated – An Illusion!

I Faced I Suffered I Tolerated – An Illusion!

I have pledged with myself that I won’t stop until I bring change in myself, in what way I go and suffer because it’s evident if you want promotion then surely you have to bring new shape and change in life first. But hard to believe and express when you face the torment of people while you changing the life is just irrational and distinguish and out of comprehension. I have been witnessing this battle alone, the time which is totally disturbing even funny too. I would love to share the glimpses.
The friend circle has been always dedicated as a secret company we can say, in which every friend share his/her secrets and hidden expressions where one should probably telling all and everything which said to be totally hidden from everyone, but you have to accept it too that these secrets could too take funeral if you behave like i mean to say argument with anyone in friend circle or within friend circle. Thus am suffering partially through it in real I have been indulged in the game of life where i am feeling lone without the friends and a shoulder of life, what comes to my way I accept I concede and run my life continue .I believe life without friend’s is just life without oxygen. There are issues which breaks the relation that is grudge criticism judging clothes, greed so and even things unacceptable too even as i went through it. Grudge is most appropriate reason as per my opinion because if one do well other one holds grudge about him/ her that thing easily compel and give a straight way to break the relation. Holding grudge is totally sin here our messenger PBUH said about it: The Prophet SAW said, “Do not harbour grudge against one another, nor jealousy, nor enmity; and do not show your backs to one another; and become as fellow brothers and slaves of Allah. It is not lawful for a Muslim to avoid speaking with his brother beyond three days.” [Bukhari and Muslim]. Criticism is another fault of it while enjoying its evident criticism comes like a part in relation but it could be tolerated for some time not as continue. Our Prophet Muhammad SAW said about criticism here; The Messenger of Allah (S) says,“O those people! Who have accepted Islam (become Muslims) by tongue but sincere belief (Imān) has not entered your hearts. Do not criticise the Muslims and do not search for their faults, because Allah will search for the faults of those who search for defects in the believers. And whoever’s faults He searches, will be degraded by Him, even if he had committed the bad deed in his house. Even the relation are being halted on judging of clothes too which is too be seemed funny and harsh too.
SAGE Journals has published a research on Journal of Social and personal relationship which has been given by Austen R Anderson, Blaine J flowers: Friendships are an important source of happiness, well-being, physical health, and longevity. Researchers have often linked one-dimensional friendship quality to life satisfaction and positive affect, which are hedonic forms of well-being. Aristotle presented an expanded view of friendship with three general characteristics: Utility, Pleasure, and Virtue. Following his theory, we expected Pleasure and Utility characteristics to be primarily related to hedonic well-being (HWB). In contrast, we expected Virtue characteristics to be more strongly related to eudemonic well-being (EWB), which includes meaning, personal growth, and positive relationships in this study. This exploratory study assessed Aristotle’s theory about friendship and well-being with 375 participants. Two exploratory structural equation models were tested. There was an indirect relationship between Utility characteristics and HWB through Help Received. A friend’s Virtue characteristics had an indirect relationship with EWB through the reliability of the friendship. These findings indicate that friendship characteristics related to utility and virtue friendships appear to have differential implications for understanding the role of friends in happiness and flourishing.
You would go and read this above research hope you will understand how the friendship and relationship has been described. Before I go to conclude this topic I again pleased to express you people whenever you fall in relation do remember have guts to face otherwise you have to tolerate the troubles .To be in friend’s circle never share your secrets the trust on friendship has been no more left in present circumstances. At last I say to be humbled and lovable for everyone whatever situation would be, believe yourself and go ahead with the vision and power.


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