How a matriculate became inspiration for entire town

How a matriculate became inspiration for entire town

The mesmerizing elegance of Markipora Pattan Garden Attracts people to visit

Matriculate person turned his barren land in his village into a mesmerizing Garden which force people to visit it and enclasp its classy .Even in this pandemic when the affliction is extreme it has turned to be source of therapy, bringing peace and solace to the derailed minds of the locality.
It needs patience and skill, and a will to do work, having both hedonistic cum utilitarian capacities; this should not awe younger generation, as it does not need any rocket science knowledge and instruments, but just an enthusiasm and a hard work. To he employed , to meet the ends, needs to do hardwork and turn the stones off; the hardwork which shall eventually result in miraculous achievements.
A 32 year old, Bilal Ahmad Dar from a resilient rural village in Pattan of north Kashmirs Baramulla district have been trying to remain relevant and continue the business trait of forefathers, to preserve the tradition and skills, he had learnt.
Bilal Ahmad , resident of Markipora village of Pattan, could barely continue his studies after 11th standard due to financial crunch . Belonging to the mediocre family, he began to put hand forth with his father to ensure abatement of expenses business of his father.
Markipora an obscure village in dense fruit orchards despite lacking all basic amenities in tehsil Pattan of Baramulla, has set an example for the vicinity by incessantly showing how communities and governments can work tighter together for the betterment of societies by conserving natural resources and ensuring sustainable livelihood for people.
With the help of forefather’s business he managed to embrace his own business.
Once Struggling for work in private and government sectors, Bilal found a source to feed him up by organizing a fish farm in his native village . Years on and, this sector has changed his fate and proven appanage , he started to sow lotus stem in his baren land and became the ist villager to sow lotus stems in Baramulla district.
The youth of his generation, especially those living in rural areas are nascient of the new opportunities emerging in different fields. The dearth of appropriate training and proper formal education in these small towns has reasonably proven to escalate unemployment.
A degree doesn’t define you, youth like bilal wonder to get a flash of support or favour to enhance their talent, When the country is more confined about then policies like made in india, government must ensure some measure to provide a platform for those who desire, said local villagers.
Bilal while interacting with our correspondent, said that in addition to fore fathers business, he embraced ddoin his own business to mollify the family chores. He began to run a fish form in their 2 kanal land which otherwise was barren to enhance employment.
Presently he is running another business along with this and lotus stem has proven effective to boom.The government has reinforced certain policies like this which endow subsidies that typically can escalate our economic setup . Atlast, while wanting to convey a message to youth, he said that youth should try to be self- reliant; youth should try to turn focus on being more innovative and subsequently try startups , in which government is helping financially.


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