Former MLA Pattan Abid Ansari faces resentment over holding Majlis

Former MLA Pattan Abid Ansari faces resentment over holding Majlis


Srinagar : Inhabitants of Gund Khawaja Qasim, Pattan in North Kashmir’ Baramulla district are up in arms against the alleged monopoly of Former MLA Pattan Abid Ansari who according to reports are interfering in the management of local Imambada.

According to reports, some miscreants on the directions of Abid Ansari are indulging in harassing the local community who are against the external forces who want to conduct Majlis in Gund Khawaja Qasim.

Locals have expressed resentment over the Abid Ansari’s so called “drama” of conducting Majlis in the said area where he never paid any attention during his tenure as MLA or Minister.

The villagers are demanding action against Abid Ansari and few supporters who are hell bent upon disrupting peace in the area.
Villagers have requested Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene into the matter to save villagers from the harrasment by these goons continuing since last two decades. While hailing the role of police in safeguarding lives and property of locals, villagers thanked SSP Baramulla for the concern.


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