Village Grievances listened, Demands written: Hope for what?

Village Grievances listened, Demands written: Hope for what?

A key Analysis:
Villages are less developed in comparison to urban living. The main difference is having minimum number of facilities which ensure timely services to the people. The basic facilities which are essential for every village are: – Electricity service, Health service, Drinking water, Bank service etc. These are generally viewed as the cornerstones for changing under developed villages into developed ones. It can steadily proceed to achieve higher targets in the future when such basic facilities are physically existed in villages. Progress and civilized stage in village is possible when villages are endowed with maximum services. As usual village people holding government responsible when they are deprived of basic facilities. There are huge number of grievances and demands in local villages. Even a single demand is not fulfilled by the government for the benefit of locals. Can we expect that our grievances will be seriously addressed this time with a positive response? We can only hope for that not we have such deep expectations that our demands will be fulfilled. The above facilities can play a good role for developing villages. When top to lower subordinates in the respective departments do not shirk their duties and doing justice with them. Obviously they could necessarily bring changes in transforming villages by providing services on time to the locals. It is rightly said when each employee in a government department effectively ensures his service for the locals. This would indirectly give the benefits to the whole village. Problems will be overcome when concerned government employees have well organized planning and enthusiasm for village works. It is de facto that villages are not developed as they have plethora of grievances for the government.

General grievances of village people
Roads and Building Department: – It is hard reality that roads are not macadamized in villages. They are completely dilapidated due to failure of drainages alongside the roads. Water profusely flows on roads. Large sized and deep potholes lies in the middle of roads which cause trouble to pedestrians and vehicles get also damaged while plying. In case of health emergency, patients suffer before reaching to hospital.
Health service centres: – The health centres are almost good in infrastructure but health professionals are not giving such services to locals so that they feel better after getting a consultation. Here, we can’t blame professionals but the problem is in the government which is not allocating the necessary health equipment which have an important role in health centres. He/she can give us a good treatment if good facilities are available.
Public health engineering department: – The department has a work to supply drinking water to the households. People still have grievances regarding their work and duty. The reason is that they are not properly showing their care and carry out responsibilities which they should have for giving efficient services. Many households have no water connections, they still suffer with it. Others have connections but due to any failure in the pipes disconnected their supply.
Power development department: – In fact the department has their own responsibilities for giving electricity services. The LT wires which are connected to the households are wear and tear as they are almost damaged. People generally blaming them on the basis of less caring to the fragile of main lines which can prove disastrous anytime.

All have different observations and choices of contemplating things with many reasons. So far Back to Village Programs are concerned. Will it fill up the wide gap with developmental initiatives in villages? Will it give its best role for fulfilling the demands? These are the certain queries which come into everyone’s mind when we have a good understanding of analyzing things within different dimensions. From Panchayat halqa to Block Simiti the two-tiers are bonded in such a way that the local developmental aspirations are fully associated with it. Except few, rest of the departments are working under the Block Bimiti guidelines headquartered at different places. Their whole work is being checked and monitored by the block office. In such programs the concerned officials of all the departments come to listen and checking out their weaknesses at the grass root level. The various officials departmentally linked with the village Halqa Panchayats listened to the public grievances for their works so far. Mostly people in villages are suffered with a lot of problems either in one way or the other. The fact lies in the gross root level when there is no any planning and developmental activity where people can have a better life to live. Unfortunately, the paralyzed efforts and unorganized plans of the departmental officials often lead to poor results in local developmental works and will have no any positive role in the village development. It will be a milestone if villages to be developed socially educationally and economically which obviously can bring a viable change in transforming local villages. In villages, people are well qualified but they have no job opportunities to get settled earlier. Many far-flung areas completely lack in basic amenities. This is also a negligence of the government. Some villages are fighting for the genuine demands like RBA reservations, Roads Macadamizing,Middle School up gradations, Allocation of health centres, and so on. When basic demands are not getting fulfilled at the grass root level then what is the need and importance of conducting such programs at halqa panchayats. Every activity has a purposeful meaning behind it. All the basic amenities which are necessary for the villages thereby can enjoy awell-being life. When such facilities are not available in villages,will they live a happy life? No not at all.
As always we assert that urban areas are well developed in every aspect. There are many job opportunities and people often move from rural to urban for seeking jobs. Nowadays the condition goes in reverse order i.e. there is now less vacancy for getting white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Due to this problem people return back to rural areas where they also have nothing to earn. Why so! The main cause behind this problem is that the unemployment rate is touching the new scale in both the rural as well as urban areas because the population is growing very fast with inadequate availability of resources. No we can have same problems in both the areas. For example; in rural areas there are little opportunities for earning much money where one can easily derive the benefits from them for sustaining basic livelihood while in urban job vacancy has been already filled. Is there any way forward to get out from this problem? This is the question which needs to be addressed by the Government. Day by day unemployment crisis increases in villages too but don’t have many resources which can help them to satisfy their marginal utility. This will directly impact on them to serve family members. When such condition we face in villages. Undoubtedly, the urban areas will suffer 10 times more than us.


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