The Moment I Never Spent

The Moment I Never Spent

A novice in living a life, preparing to visit the land of redolent flowers, little did the unborn know she was to land among snollygosters.
“Mom,so when I am going to get free from the clutches of the placenta. See,it is not letting me to appreciate the petrichor. You know na maa,I am a selenophile.let me wave to the moon. Maa ,are you listening to me”
Innocent were the desires of the unborn.She could find no responses to her feeble cries.
“Mom! Mom! Where are you? Am I not knocking at the closed doors of your heart? Are you that insensitive to me?”
“Oh!come on ma,I will buy you those bright coloured bangles you keeep on talking to me about.Ma,just give me birth ,just let me be with you.”
Oh!the tender shrieks of the unborn had no affect on anyone.stonehearted the world was,was the mother the same as well!
“Look mom,that very star is so brilliantly smiling at me.should I not smile back? Uff! How mean your earth members are.Give me a way.let me go and play there in the constellation over there.i will be their queen.”
At last,the silent woman broke the ice.moved by the desires of the unborn,she asserted,”Silent!just silence!Do not crave for that I can neve rprovide you you had been made from a lifeless entity and so let you he lifeless.Look!I am tortured and tormented just to get you silenced.You are a garrulous chap.See your father says that you can’t live as may need a third eye to keep a vigil on you.”
“Mom,I will not be like the one who needs a vigil.i will be calm in in my cries will not bother you.Tell my baba that I will be his shadow in the scorching heat.Mom,please let me live.” “Ma,I have promised the butterflies of my company,the flowers of my fragrance and the nature of my innocence.will they not be offended?
“I need time to make your father understand.i don’t know if my resentment would help me out in protecting you from being killed.”
“Ma,rush to te grandma.Tell he rto save me.i know she would be eleated to have me.” “I dreamt of sanguine results. So much hubris I had for I managed to motivate my earthly friends .should I extol my intelligence? Even if I am unborn,how imperative my words have been!” “What! A maltreatment!my mother has been persistent and her persistence got an obnoxious treatment. “Grandma,you made an odious mess out of everything. you killed me.
“My eyes are bleeding. My little heart is oblivious of my survival. look ,the butterflies are also mourning my slow death.”My existence has been murdered.Thev traitors and the fanatics ,with daggers and knives,bled me to death. And see,how loudly,my blood is mourning the death of your conscience.
Good bye mom. tell your husband that he never deserves to be a DAD. tell him,my tears will starngulate everyone who murdered me.
The moment I never spent will speak for me.The moment I never spent will haunt you all of your vicious crime. Look!how the fears have engulfed you guilty you all feel!


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