Reform System Attracts Youth

Reform System Attracts Youth

Today let’s focus on noble department and of the significant department so far government is concerned i.e. police department. Entrusted with great responsibility; maintenance of law and order, security, judiciary orders execution, anti-corruption tasks etc. I have no hesitation to say ‘that this is the dept. around which all other departments revolve. If any dept. faces any kind of hindrance in their way, police is seen as an alternative. Police assists other departments aswellas keep eye on them so far corruption matters are concerned.In Islamic history its significance can be understood by “Hazrat Omer himself wore belt and used to patrol madina during night.”But questions arise why this department have failed to attract youth, why people quit police service, why everyone prefer to civil instead of police although having lot of powers ,status etc. .Answer to this question is simple that is “replace outdated provisions / rules of this department. Let’s point towards those outdated provisions”
Recruitment system; in this department a general recruitment is done to perform different assignment which is main hindrance behind youth attractions. In this department human resources have to perform Lot of functions like guard duty, escort duty, traffic duty ,CID, CIK, ROP, office work ,police stations office work etc. Once advertise is being Published it should be mentioned therein the duty which they have to perform. I mean that there should not be general recruitment for different assignment instead there should be specific assignment recruitment (i.e. separate recruitment for different works .so that once selected candidate have to perform only that very function. let’s clear why this provision needs replacement, a highly qualified youth if got selected as constable after joining he is deployed for those tasks in which he is not interested and outcomes results in depression, disappointed,abasement etc.have their new pattern in recruitment highly qualified youth will apply for office work,work at police station, DPL,anti-corruption tasks etc.
Wings in police department; various wings of police (CID, CIK, Traffic,armed, executive etc.) have been created in order to deal with different aspects. But under favoritism a person gets and enjoys wing of his/her choice and others face worst form of exploitation. There should be strict law so that everyone will get a chance to serve in every wing of dept.
Grade pay & pay anomaly; this issue is main hindrance behind youths repulsion .for instance CRPF men deployed in J&K & naxal affected areas receives monthly risk allowance of 17’300 rupees against JK Police personnel 75 rupees. Police employees work 24*7 but so far grade pay is concerned that is constable 1900,SGCT 2400, HC2800,up gradation in grade pay may also attract youth towards this noble profession.
Duty pattern ; there is no doubt that police has to deal with different situation which may rise at any time and therefore additional troops are reserved in DP lines ,police stations etc. but during normalcy there should be something like shift system so that those who work during days will spend night with theirfamilies, parents and those who perform their duty during night will spend day with families and parents .what is happening should not have happen as they have parents families and who need their care ,love , attention etc. Keeping anyone behind bars results in depression, disappointed etc. This outdated provision of duty pattern have no relevance, hence should be replaced with available alternatives.
Uniform code; there should be different uniform samples for different wings , these should be assigned on basis of duties they perform .for instance a person posted in police station should have one uniform code while those in police components should have different etc. Anti-Corruption activity; this is only platform for youth to chance system by joining police and thereby fighting corruption .but if they saw corruption related incidents in this department also, how can system attract them. First department needs to create corruption free environment in it then positive signal will follow. “Also great responsibility lies on police officers i.e. in promotion of liberty, equality, justice. In delivering justice police have significant role and if they will work with honestly & corruption free system definitely youth will be attracted but in case department is being polluted by few elements whole system becomes faulty. Later on confidence, trustetc. among folk remains no more. There are so many instances where people quit police service and join civil service, have there been unique provisions this may never happen. To sum up in order to attract youth outdated provision must be amended so that everyone will desire to serve this noble profession.


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