Rajouri deserves establishment of Second JNV

Rajouri deserves establishment of Second JNV

The National policy on Education 1986 envisaged setting up residential schools to be called Jawahar Navodaya Vidayalas (JNVs) that would bring the best in rural areas .It was felt that children with special needs and aptitude should be provided sufficient opportunities to progress at the faster pace which would be possible only with the help of quality Education. Thus it was mandatory to make provision for imparting quality Education so that this quality Education would enable the students from rural areas to compete with their counter parts of urban areas on an equal footing.
Keeping in view a broad vision for the development and progress of peoples of rural areas government of India decided to establish residential School which would enroll 75 % students shining students from rural areas and in this backdrop government had started establishment of Jawahar Navodaya Vidiayalas(JNVs) during 1986 and further one such residential School was established in each District all over the India in all of its States and Union Territories. The Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala which had started as a unique expansion of Education Institutions is anunparalleled in school education department in India. The student are selected through a special type of selection test for admission to the said residential School and this test is conducted on two different date throughout the India. It is significant to mention here that for the selection of talented rural children as a target group and an attempt to provide quality Education is a best way in the residential school system. The objective of opening Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala is to provide quality education, modern education – including a strong composite culture of values, awareness of environment and health, adventure activities and physical Education to the talented children predominantly from the rural areas without considering to their family and socio-economic conditions.
Under this prestigious Scheme 62 new Jawahar Navidaya Vidayala had been sanctioned during the year 2016-17 in various districts. In addition to this 10 Jawahar Navodayala Vidayala each have been sanctioned in District having large concentration of SC & ST population. Besides 3 Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala has been sanctioned in three Districts i.e Sanapatti-II (Manipur), Ukhral -II (Manipur), Rattan-II (Madhya Pradesh) as special case bringing the total number of JNVS to 661.
Now each Vidayala has a provision for full-fledged campus with sufficient Building for class Room,dormitories, staffquarters, dining hall and other infrastructure whatever would be required for the smooth functioning of a residential School.
The most important aspect worthy consideration about such residential School is that the student can get sufficient time for their improvement in Learning level, efficiency, capacity and competency under the abled guidance of their teachers who play a vital role of experienced parents for the betterment of all the students by providing requisite guidance and councelling in a most sincere manner with full dedication and devotion. Now keeping in view topography,Geography, large area,scattered population, problems of students living in different blocks located near actual line of control there is urgent need of opening second Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala School in District Rajouri on the basis of below mentioned grounds/factors:

The population and areas of some Districts of the Jammu and Kashmir as per 2011 census along with area and number of Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala established in all such Districts are as under:
Government has sanctioned two Jawahar Novadayala Vidayala for Jammu District which has population of 15,29,958 which includes 52,131 as population of ST category and having area of 2,342 square kilometer. Whereas, Rajouri has a population of 6,42,415 which includes as 149051 as population of ST category with 2,630 Sq kms and has only one Jawahar Novadaya Vidayala at Koteranka. Since there is a provision far sanctioning one more Jawahar Navidaya Vidayala for ST dominated District and ST population of Rajouri is far more than that of District Jammu. Thus Rajouri deserves sanction of one more Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala on this count. Moreover Samba with 904 sq. kilometers area has one Jawahar Navodayala Vidayala. Ganderbal with 259 sq. kilometers area having one Jawahar Navodaya Vidayal. Shopian has population of 26,621 with 312 sq. kilometers area having one Jawahar Navodaya Vidayala School. Thus in comparison to areas of above mentioned three Districts and also population of Shopian, District Rajouri deserves sanction of one more Jawahar Novadayala.
There are several other Districts in India which have area far less than that of the area of District Rajouri and such Districts includes two Districts of Goa state , Districts of Sikim ,Chandigarh, Masha, Central Delhi ( 239 sq km)Tamana 170 Sq km, New Delhi 359 Sq km, Diu 40 Sq km , North Delhi 59 Sq km, East Delhi 49 Sq km , Daman 72 Sq km, Gantok 954 Sq km, Namchi 750 Sq km, Geyzin 1166 Sq km .More over there are many District which have population far less than District Rajouri . Since when population of Rajouri is more than all such Districts then number of students are also more and keeping in view the right to Education as fundamental right for the children up to the age group of 14 year it is mandatory that Govt would provide equal opportunities of Education for all the School going children of District Rajouri which have already been provided for the children belonging to above mentioned Districts of our beloved country. There is also provision in New Education policy 2020 for the said purpose. (Refer rule 0.9 of New Education policy)
One more such ground or factor includes the distance of some villages/Panchayats of Additional Districts Noweshara, Kalakote and Sunderbani from the already existing JNV Koteranka. Some Panchayats of Sunderbani which includes Thangriote , Bambliya, HathalDevak and Bandhrai ( NORTHEAST) panchyats which are 50 kms from sunderbani HQ and then Sunderbani is situated at a distance of 110 km from existing JNV Koteranka. Some more Borders panchyats NAH and KANGRI are 30 Kms from Sunderbani HQ which are 140 km from Koteranka. Similarly some panchayats of Nowshera which includes SeharMakdi at extreme border are 35 KM from Nowshera, Jhangad 28 KM , Pukhrani 33 KM , Androoth 35 KM, Veer Bhadreshwar (Peer Padesar) 45 KM and further Noweshara is 80 km from Koteranka . Thus in order to continue Education in JNV Kotranka students of all such Panchayats of three Additional Districts are required to travel a distance of 90 to 130 km. Villages situated at extreme border of India with its neighbouring country which include SeharMakdi, Kadaali, Nambetc are far away from Koteranka and it is not possible for children’s belonging to all the above Panchayats of Sunderbani and Nowshera to continue their studies at JNV Koteranka . Same is the position of some panchayats/villages of Additional District kalakote which includes Khorbani, Narla Bambal Udan, as has been discussed for some panchayats of Sunderbani and Noweshara. Thus on this count there is dire need of opening one more JNV in District Rajouri at some central place of Noweshara, Sunderbani and kalakote.
During the year 2018 four Additional Districts had been created in District Rajouri keeping in view the topography, Geographic conditions and Hillay terrains of phari District Rajouri which indicates that Rajouri is a large District having maximum hard areas. In view of this fact Rajouri deserves establishment of one more Jawahar Novadaya Vidayala at earliest. Since a new Jawahar Novadaya Vidayala can only be established on the recommendations of Government of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. In view of this fact Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is requested through the medium of this article by publishing it in this esteemed newspaper that recommendations may kindly be made for establishment of one Jawahar Navidaya Vidayala for disrtict Rajouri which comprises of more than ten large size Nallahas like Peeri which has been viewed with own eyes by his esteemed self on the day of his recent visit to this area and also have heard the PRIS about the hardness faced by the public of such areas.


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