Gulab Saify: A New Inspiration For Young Poet’s In Valley Who Introduced New Poetic Genre ‘Treyoat’

Gulab Saify: A New Inspiration For Young Poet’s In Valley Who Introduced New Poetic Genre ‘Treyoat’

Anantnag: A 44 Year old poet Gulab Saify is from Pir Panchal region is a new inspiration for Young generation Poet’s in Valley. Gulab Saify Kraipak hails from Kishtiwar district of Pir Panchal region in Jammu and Kashmir who has done his schooling from Islamia Faridiya High School Kishtiwar, then he moved to Europe for next three years on pursuing Engineering degree there.
Gulab is born in 4th July 1966 that time his name was Nahid but he didn’t feel well those days after some days of his birth, parents of Gulaab Saify visited the Sufi saint but they couldn’t face him as they didn’t named their baby as per the Saints wish and later on the parents of Gulaab realized their mistake and named their baby as Gulaab Saify. Since childhood Gulaab Saify was having lack of interest in poetry as he was a science student having an interest in sports activities but his father was having a friendly relation with famous singer Jaanbaaz alais Doolwal.
In 1980,In 1980, a Sufi Mehfil was conducted at our home and Jaanbaaz alais Doolwal sung a song in the praise of Gulab saify and in his lyrics there was clear indication that he will become Famous in literature in future.Another Sufi Mehfil was conducted at Gulab’s Home a famous poet of Pir Panchal Rehmat Ali Rehmat was present there and were listing song of Doolwal. After Completing Mehfil, Gulab Saify told Rehmat why Doolwal said, “Jaanbaazun Bajaar Wachzehai”, this is wrong. Rehmat sahab looked at my face and said you are interested in Poetry? I said No I am a science student as I have no Interest in it. In the next morning Rehmat Ali visited Gulab Saify house and gave him a book and pen to write up poetry to which Gulab Saify reacted to Rehmat Ali and said, what should I write as I have no interested in this field but Rehmat Ali said that you write anything you want. “At that time, I couldn’t write in Kashmiri language but I used to write in Roman English. After two years of writing, I failed to understand the depth of my writings and fortunately one day Rehmat sahb saw my poetry in which two lines caught his attention and he kept on trying to sing those lines. Then after that I realized, I should go ahead in this beat and my journey for writing poetry started in that way,” said Gulab Saify while talking with Kashmir Glacier.
Since then, Gulab Saify continues to write numerous books on poetry and as we all know that his poetry is famous all over the World particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. Young lot of Jammu and Kashmir have developed a great interest in poetry and could be seen listening to the poetry of Gulab Saify. As we see nowadays, Gulab Saify has introduced new poetic way for writing up his poetic narratives in a new technique/Genre called “TreYout”. In this technique anyone who desire to write up his inner voice but due to some flaws couldn’t express well this technique could help him/her in a lot of ways by providing a proper genre to write poetry in a new way. From the last two to three years Gulab Saify have been tirelessly working on this new technique even during COVID-19 pandemic, he continues to spend most of his time on this new type of poetry. TreYout is a new creation in the field of poetry in which any writer can express his words with the complete ease of access. The word ‘TreYout’ has been derived from classic Sanskrit language which refers to poetic piece comprising of three units. Gulab Saify while exclusively talking with Kashmir Glacier said that, “ I want to thank Allah for all his blessings upon me, and this time he blessed me with an opportunity to bring something new in the beat of poetry, adding that it’s all because of Almighty Allah I succeed in this endeavor of mine.” Gulab Saify told Kashmir Glacier that among all the well-established and common forms of poetry, this new and versatile genre is singularly the one which is devised and based on certain specific word count or in Tri syllable format.


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